Is this a manual?

at 0:03 I don’t even try to do them, but I notice a slight pause, which still seemed to connect on this match of mine.

Yes it is…You did a heavy rekka linker and then a crouching LP manual into something else I cant make out…weird… Good job!

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I spied a MANUAL!

Welcome to a whole new world. :3

I manual with everyone, so good job!

Actually, that was a heavy auto double into a c.lp manual. There are a couple characters that can do it.

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Yeah, that’s a light manual after heavy AD - I think almost the entire cast (may actually be the entire cast) can do it.

It just depends on the heavy AD hit stun and light punch startup. Pretty cool that it can happen.

It think that since the start of S3 everyone can do it.

¯\_ (ツ) _/¯