Is there really no way to buy Season 2 on it's own?

I bought the season 1 ultra edition way back at launch but hardly played the game during season 2 so I never bought any characters or a bundle. I came back for season 3 and bought the ultra edition for that but now I want to fill in the gap in character that I have access to.

However no matter where I look there doesn’t seem to be a way to buy just season 2 on its own without the bundle that includes season 1. I’ve already payed for season 1 I don’t want to buy it twice just to get season 2 (I also want omen which is why I want the bundle because you can’t buy him individually).

If there really is no way to get just season 2 that seems like a massive oversight I’m definetely not going to pay twice for something I already payed for just to get season 2.

Should be available, let me take a look.

Nope, it’s not there.


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