Is there anybody playing bronze ranked?

I just qualified for Bronze, which is a big achievement for me. But I have noticed there aren’t anybody in this bracket.

pretty much all im playing against currently

Ok found a couple people, next question is it normal for it to have so many pros in Bronze?

Most matches is forcing me to go Alt and TAB afk cause they are very pro.

you know its funny even after all that learning about combo breakers I still don’t even have a clue how to do one?

they should probably remove this ability from this game.

You say that now…

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LOL at Level 50 in Bronze WTF

Another Alf and Tab AFK LOL should I just close off the game and start over? or just leave it alt and tab? the sound is still there is my problem I though when you alt and tab the game goes silent?

Its because everyone had a rank reset the other day

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if you keep quitting matches, if in ranked anyway youll get a penalty for it.

No problem what happens if you get too many penalty?

you dont get a win from anyone else disconnecting, and some other stuff, I dont think you can be promoted.

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No. They had a system Ranked reset the other day, so everybody got kicked down to lower levels. You’ll be running into fairly experienced players for a little bit until they play enough to get promoted to where they should be.

They probably shouldn’t. Killer Instinct without combo breakers would be laughably broken. I recommend you complete a few levels of the Dojo to learn about some of the game’s basic mechanics.


Hopefully permabann. Take your losses like a man and try to learn something from the fight.

I will never understand those people that quit or go afk just because they think they don’t stand a chance in the first place. Where does this mentality come from? You guys are worst than a prey in front of a predator. They try to escape and fight back if they have no other option but you guys are just like a legless rabbit in front of a snake.


Aw man. Didn’t they say there would be monthly resets. Seeing a ton of these Killer Ranked doods in bronze isn’t a good experience for new players or actual bronze players.

On the other hand OP needs to play against these guys. The only reason I “got gud” was because I saw the mistakes I had in each match and tried not to do them in the next one.

You have the option to requalify once a month if you choose. I tend to doubt that there will be all that many takers on this - a lot of people seem disinclined to have to repeat the grind getting back into Killer.

And just because they’re requalifying doesn’t mean they’ll automatically end up in Bronze or even Silver - if they wreck all comers in their qualifying matches then they’ll just end up back in Gold anyway.

I have been matched up with some pretty high level people while in Bronze but that happens. I currently made it out of Bronze and onto silver.

Im sorry man, I know you’re new to the game and all and thats fine, but the cringe in your posts is unholy.

I recommend you complete the Basic and Advanced stages in the Dojo aswell as practice in Combo Breaker Training. Maybe even watch Max’s Assist Me videos before complaining on the forums and suggesting they remove a vital part of the game just because you can’t do them.


Monthly resets are optional I think.

You have several options:

-Wait 2-3 weeks that the pros will be in their real places.
-Learn for your losses and TRY to fight against them to learn something at least.
-Complete the Dojo/Story Mode.
-Upgrade your favorite character via story/Arcade/Survival.

-Try to beat Shago in Story mode.

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does leveling a character actually do anything other than give you practice time with that character?

Outfits, colors and profile card stuff.