Is there any plans do up cinders damage?

i have always loved cinder but his chip dmage is so short its not worth haveing because its such a handicap when his overall damage output is the lowest in game, and i was wishing so bad we could have gotten the double windmill kick like O.G KI1 post 80 ultra to get high score,on the arcade machine of course.

I wouldn’t count on it. Maybe a small buff at some point, but I doubt anything substantially huge to change his overall damage output. He can OTG attack which automatically puts him in a unique position very few can do at the moment. He also has some potent juggles that can be fairly difficult to break sometimes (even though there are some obvious break points that lend themselves to counter breakers).

He shouldn’t probably be able to climb to level 4 enders without a burnout of some kind in play or him having to spend meter, but sometimes you can spend meter on his shadow linkers and still not reach level 4.

He’s in a decent place, though he’s not regarded as a higher tier character.


Yeah i agree with you 100%

Not necessarily, considering the combo-breaker nerf, getting your combos broken doesn’t take away all the burn out damage you have it makes it less painful in that manner. While I know Cinder’s damage is lacking you should always use your burnouts for big-damage that’s the whole point for those things to exist.

As a cinder main I also learned to get by with what I have I think Cinder is in a decent place.

Likely no. Cinder has remained one of the most well balanced characters. I don’t think they’ll touch him much


Consensus seems to be his damage is fine especially with the PD change.