Is there an underlying intention behind DoubleXP and the upcoming S3?

So Bare with he a moment.

I’ve been playing KI since S1 I’m one of those “oldies” that grew up with that game from the arcades and on.

Ever since S1 I’ve mained Thunder for some reason, and I played a lot of matches mainly local, I had gotten him up to Level 35 or so, it was just soooo tedious to grind the levels and I only played when my friend came over (and that’s IF he felt like playing). all in all to say I never reached level 50, and I had missed on every opportunity for DoubleXP when IGS made them available.

All that changed with KIWC, after watching it, I got right back into the game and started playing a lot more. if you recall the weekend after or whenever they had the Double XP, I made it a point to get my Thunder to Lvl 50 and finally reached it. I also got every other character to Lvl 5 or 10 (don’t remember) so that I get at least Color 3 (or whatever the lvl required for Color3).

Then low an behold the week after they released another DoubleXP weekend but it was player specific. First Shadow Jago, Hisako and lately Fulgore, I made it a point to get my Fulgore to Lvl 50 as well as he was Lvl 30 on Friday night when I went to check (Mission accomplished).

IGS announced a couple of weeks back that every weekend there’ll be a DoubleXP character specific.

And yesterday I got thinking, as to “WHY”, why would they want to have a DBLXP weekend every weekend, i’m sure it eats away at their micro-transactions for KIGOLD + XP Boosters.

Then it got me thinking MAYBE there’s something more to the levels in S3, what if they have 10 or 20 extra levels with new colors, costumes, etc…

Think about it for a sec. If you don’t have many Characters at Lvl 50 and they add another 10/20 levels to unlock new attires/colors etc… you’re going to be discouraged, especially for a low level character. You’ll be disgruntled and demotivated, which in turn makes you play less.

but if you’re that much closer thanks to the DBLXP weekends then you’ll want to grind that 10/20 levels. Which creates more visibility to them thanks to more activity.

And if they wanted to do it, simply to get it done as a fan service, then WHY NOW? why not launch it with the launch of S3. Some of you might say “it makes sense as it generates hype for the upcoming S3”, to that I say, you’re right, definitely a possibility.

But I don’t feel that DBLXP creates that much hype, the people that benefit are KI Players. Regulars and I’d guess they’re all plenty aware of the upcoming S3, let’s not forget that DBLXP doesn’t get advertised anywhere outside of the website (That I’ve seen) so only the regulars would notice it.

I might simply be reading WAY to much into it, but I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something about the XP in S3 that they’re not telling us OR I could be wayyyy off mark and there’s nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

TLDR: Do you think there’s more to KI XP in S3 given the new DBLXP Weekends format they’ve launched a few weeks back?

What are your thoughts?

All I can say is that I got so burned of grinding that I haven’t played in weeks. I have bought xp boosters, played survival endlessly… yet I have to reach lvl 50 with 4 more characters to complete them all. And then there’s the grind to lvl 50 with season 3 characters. It discourages me from playing tbh.

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I’ve been playing ranked with each character instead of survival to get the achievements at the same time. Sure I’ll lose a lot, but that’s OK to me. I get to learn the ins and outs of each character which will help me moving forward. It will help me understand what other characters don’t like to have done to them, and will help me play my main better versus the other characters.

I have found many of my high level characters were already maxed with double xp offers but I did play some fulgore yesterday I’m at level 19 when he was 13 a long time before- some colors are more wanted than others but it’s cool tO have choice. At least it’s not like SFV where you have to actually win 30 bouts just to get a few colors or you lose anything points and all.

I’m wondering about my KI gold I have from purchasing shadow jago.

When the season 3 update comes, will I be able to keep my KI gold, or will it reset, I plan to immediately use it to get Kim accessories and continue leveling up as I will be on vacation that following week.

Does anyone know?

It should stay, there are times where people have lost KI gold when updated to a new patch…but it should be fine.

That’s a great idea! I never thought of it like that…I’m going to start doing that!

Im only 5 trophy’s away from 100% on MK X. I have a long ways to go on KI though

@Filemoncio I definitely agree that grinding is brutal and it bothers me not to have everything and it being so tedious to get everything, I have to admit I was discouraged more than a few times and stopped playing for a while as it was just getting more and more aggravating.

@BblackorchidD Evertything should remain, unless they change the KIGold system in which case they’ll give you the equivalent of the new system.

I mentioned this in a new post, Ranking is a good way as the XP is 1.5x plus if you play on a DBLXP weekend. I can speak for myself a win nets me between 5000-5500 on average (I got 6100 on 1 match but far from my regular), so with that it adds up pretty fast. That’s how I was able to get Fulgore from 30 to 50 over the weekend (I would estimate roughly 50 or so matches, which is not that bad but that’s with boosters.

I considered using my 1500 from Shago as well, but i’m going ot wait for S3 to drop in case I really want something from the new characters, DBLXP + XP Booster + Ranking, should make it a quick ramp up.

Just the thought of Aganos and Hisako make me cringe, for sure these guys will be the last ones to go, especially Hisako.

Hisako was pretty quick for me. Aganos is a pain though. He gets lower exp than pretty much anyone else for some reason.

Hoping for more colors, accessories for the entire cast

I just hope they add more levels, it’s way too easy to reach 50 right now and after you do it, all your xp just gets wasted. Maybe a prestige system or something, i just want the xp to go to use.

It makes me sad that you don’t want to play Hisako :cry:

But yeah, I’m pretty happy I’m not a completionist. The KI grind is pretty real if you’re trying to get all characters to 50. To be honest, they should have been doing double XP events a heck of a lot more often to begin with. I could certainly see them adding new levels for S3 though.

About 100% sure that it will stay. “Resetting” an in-game currency that people paid actual money for would be unwise at best, and fraud at worst. I wouldn’t expect your KI Gold to go anywhere.