Is there a convenient way to add recent players from Exhibitions?

I have decent sets with no mics and would like to add them. But i don’t see a easy way to do so. I don’t even remember their gt’s so i don’t know how to add them. Is looking them up in film and then typing their gt in the only way?

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Go to the Friends/Social section on your Xbox and change the listing from Friends to Recent Players.


You can go to the Friends tab on the sidebar and select ‘Recent Players’.

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what they said… that’s the quickest way to add them as friends if they are cool and block them if they are trolls

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Wow i just learned something.
I always had to go back to the replays to block somebody.

Thanks for the tip

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  • Double tap the big white Xbox button.
  • Press Left to highlight “find someone”
  • Press down to highlight “friends” and press A.
  • Select recent players from the drop-down menu.
  • Find the recent player you want to invite/add/block.
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I think it’d be good for thoseof us who can’t see the gamertags for whatever reason to have a way of adding/inviting/blocking people within the set itself… Also, recent players doesn’t update very often…

It took me a while to realize this too! I always had to do the same…replay, write down name, search GT…ect…LOL…duuhhhhh …i felt really dumb when i finally found recent players list

It’s how I always message people, “GG, from GG!” :wink: