Is there a chance KI would be released on Steam?

This Win10 UAP system creates unnecessary mess and increases requirements (I can play MKX on full detail and with KI I have to lower resolution, this is ridiculous for real).

doubt it.


Is there a chance? Yes.

Will it happen soon? Probably not.

Right now I don’t think there is a huge push within the company to do that (pure speculation on my part). There are some in the PC community looking for the game to come to steam, but honestly…just get Win 10. I really don’t understand why so many are opposed to it. I mean I get that some people are just really invested in their current OS, but IMO if you want to play KI on PC, just do it.

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THIS. I bought a pc just KI. Met the recommeded specs. Forced to play in 640 x 480 to get a fps worth a damn with all options on low and yet I can run games on Metal Gear Rising on High.

I have win10 and I play KI since PC release. Have you read OP?

The second part of my comment (I hope you read the first part and clicked the link) wasn’t direct towards you, it was just a general statement. I’ve seen videos, and heard many commentaries, about people wanting to play KI but not wanting to upgrade to Win 10.

That being said, would a steam release really help your situation specifically?

Yea. I believe KI being Win10 app has unnecessarily increased system requirements. It`s older and less pretty game than MKX, and yet I can run MKX at full detail solid 60fps, when in case of KI, I have to lower resolution.

That seems weird, plenty of people seemed to report being able to run KI on a toaster.

EDIT: Also your hunch about what’s making KI run poorly, even if it’s a widespread situation, is based on nearly nothing. There are a lot of factors which determine how efficiently a software system runs.

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Uhh…I’m not so sure you are right with that assessment.

I’m not a big PC guy so hopefully someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but KI’s PC specs are said to be REALLY low. The only issue initially was that the Win10 App files were inaccessible, but today I’ve seen many post here, and elsewhere, where they have gotten into them and have broken them down.

for all the flack that Win10 gets, keep in mind that same standardization is likely the reason why the PC port is one of the cleanest and optimized out there, with complaints about it very little.

I am not saying that KI port is not optimized. It runs pretty well.

I am just saying that it kinda should run better. My RIG is toaster alright, but runs MKX on max settings in stable 60fps without lowering resolution or anything, and MKX is pretty good looking game, so KI as older and less pretty game should theoretically run even better, but it does not. And I see blame in it being UAP and being in permanently borderless windowed mode.

I can sort of understand their reasons for not wanting windows 10 which is the supposed spyware that MS might of put in it and from some opinions the OS is unstable. Now this is just from various rumors and what not so wheter they are true or not I can’t say. But it’s understandable as far concerns especially since before July29th Win10 was free which was pretty suspicious.

Could be possible. They put both Halo Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike on Steam.

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If only Steam was cross platform-able with the X1. Which would be awesome!

well, MS releases Quantum Break now on steam. it’s still unlikely for KI because of the cross platform multiplayer I guess.

I think that why KI isn’t on Steam:
===>Cross-Play/platform materiel.
Because Win10 and X1 are sharing the same OS.

But we saw many partnerships between Steam and others platforms, and it kinda worked well:
-UPlay, Bethesda, etc.
Dunno if it will works with MS.

But keep in mind this:
By adding one game on their platform, Steam will get a certain amount of % of what MS and IG get of Steam’ Killer Instinct (Shops/customs etc.)

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Kinda this.

But apparently, it’s because of the sharing OS that Crossplay is possible.

I don’t know dude. UWP might be a factor, but big Warner Bros money behind the only FG franchise with any significant popular brand appeal might also be a factor. (although by all reports MKX on PC is a mess, so I’m surprised to see someone talking it up) But just generally, I think you’ll find that performance on low-end rigs is prone to vary more wildly between games than performance on something more recent and powerful. Maybe someone out there can run KI at 1080p and max settings and all that and yet can only get MKX to run like a garbage fire. Differences in software design and differing utilization of the OS and hardware can rear their heads in far more varied ways than “performs well on all machines” and “performs poorly unless you have an awesome rig”.

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