Is the muting of music during shadow moves preferred by anyone?

Hi all - I love the KI music - one of the best things about it alongside the diversity of characters/character designs. I really wish the music didn’t keep pretty much muting during enders/shadow moves as I find it really jarring.

Does anyone actually prefer the music muting every 5-10seconds?

It’s supposed to be integral to the dynamic music system

However if love to see original KI tracks such as Do It Now featured and I wouldn’t mind the music unaffected by shadow moves

Dynamic music system should introduce new elements of the music/trigger new phrases as action changes - however I don’t feel it should do it by muting and then starting the music again. Has it always done this or am I just noticing more in Season 3?

It was a bit smoother and more linear in seasons one & two

The ultra reset silence is pretty meh. Could we get something there?

It’s always done this, seems like just you noticing it more in s3. I personally like this as it allows me to sometimes know that a shadow move’s on screen in a large amount of intense action. Moreover, I’ve seen fights where it’s not muted itself during shadow moves and I’d argue that’s more jarring - the music just carries on whilst all the other sounds etc stop.