Is Season 3 intentionally splitting the good and the bad?

So it would seem to me that the first four characters we are getting in season3 could all be considered “Good” guys. So could that mean the next 4 Characters (careful no leak talk ) are all going to be The “Bad” guys or the big nasty’s? That’s what I’m feeling. Thoughts?

or they just need more time to create them?

Well, I for 1, certainly think that that would be a nice and balanced way to do it. It’s likely that Gargos will be 1, since the storyline is so centered upon him. If he isn’t playable though, then he’ll still factor in somehow, I’m sure, and that would just show how powerful he is to begin with, in that we’d either potentially have an imbalance of good vs. evil with more good guys because he’s just that powerful (and in turn is so powerful as to be unplayable).

Quite frankly though, we don’t exactly yet know how much we’re getting with the good guys yet. Are we just getting the characters fow now, similar to S2, or will we also be able to play through their story mode and get a glimpse of what is to come starting on the 29th?

It’s wonderful to speculate, but for now that’s all we’re going to be able to do because we won’t know more until the end of the month.

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Also I kno alot of characters in this game blur the line between good and bad but it just seems like this batch of four is very Save the worldy to me. I think it’d be very cool if each character building up to Gargos (assuming he is coming) just got eviler and nastier until the ultimate big bad gargos himself shows up to top it all off.

To be honest I’m kinda feeling the same thing:[quote=“BrrDub, post:4, topic:6488”]
it just seems like this batch of four is very Save the worldy to me.
I can’t help but feel like the dark side with be upon us in the later half of the season.


Yeah I want someone or something that’s creepier than Hisako and Crazy eviler than Kan-Ra. Creepsauce Evil!

Well, in my eyes, both seasons, not counting bonus characters, had alternating numbers of good and bad, with 1 ambiguous character (By ambiguous, I mean not fighting Ultratech or for Ultratech primarily). S1 was 4 good, 3 bad and 1 ambiguous (Wulf). S2 had 4 bad, 3 good and 1 ambiguous (Hisako). This season so fa, we have all 4 good guys, and while this is just theorising and the argument could be made to not expect the same stuff as previous seasons, I’m gonna say there’s 3 bad and 1 ambiguous one to come.

Doesn’t matter because both Rash and Arbiter aren’t cannon so it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. These two and if they make more guest characters, won’t be in the story. They probably put Kim and Tusk in the beginning in order to sell the game to old KI fans.

And who said Kim Wu is good?
Maybe she’s just an easily impressionable teenage brat who is being manipulated by this “Dragon Spirit” to do his bidding as it is slowly corrupting her.

Sounds familiar? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol no more Shadow characters :joy:

Don’t worry, Jago will kill her before that happens. :wink:

Woah dude! Let’s start on their marriage first before they go murdering eachother lol

Dude! Ew! He’s, like, old and she’s, like, a kid!

She’s like 21 and he’s… 26 :sob:

Why didn’t they make their love story cannon, who’s with me?! @RTA07 @TheNinjaOstrich


Jago is 30 in this KI, and I think Kim Wu is 18 or something.

Yeah, I know Jago is 30. Also, Kim’s age is never specified. We just know she is a college design student.

Either way, it doesn’t matter, it will never be true. :disappointed:

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Kinda glad it won’t.
Also, Jago is a monk, so he is most likely celibate.

Pffft hater lol. Ah, to each his own I suppose.

Well, depends - most Tibetan monks do tend to marry, they even have hair :grin:

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According to Google:

“Apart from certain schools in Japan and Tibet, most who choose to practice Buddhism as ordained monks and nuns, also choose to live in celibacy. Sex is seen as a serious monastic transgression.”

… Aaaaanyways… sorry for the off-topic. :3