Is Season 3 going to be preorder/downloadable?

I am just curious if anyone has any idea if there is a possibility or certainty that S3 is going to be preorderable. I am hoping even though it is almost March and we still have no release date except the most likely late March release if we will be able to buy and download S3 a little early even if just the day before so we can get right to it on release day. If Devs can give just a yes or no if it is planned to be preorderable once the release date is given that would be awesome!

stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d like to know.

For the next episode of…

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Hey everyone,

Got really into the weeds / off-topic on this one. While the content is fine, it was just really off the thread. Feel free to take this stuff to PMs in the future.

Yes, the same as all the others, and I can’t wait.