Is paid DLC for new stages and accessories an option for KI?

I’ve seen people talking about how they want more accessories, themed accessories, more stages, retro stages, etc basically since season one.

I’m curious if people would be willing or interested in paying for this stuff separately, outside of the seasonal model, or conversely, @developers, if something like this would even be possible.

For example, what if, between season’s 3 and (presumably / hopefully) season 4, MS & IG could pump out a stage pack where for say, $15, we got four additional stages? Or maybe you get the option to buy them a la carte for $5 each?

Now before you say “that’s too much” or “that’s not enough,” try and just look at the original question at face value; is this something that you’d be interested in, or do you prefer to get all of your content in the seasonal format?

Just curious. Personally, I’d say the more content, the better. But I also recognize that there’s a point of diminishing returns, like say Dead or Alive’s ridiculous amount of DLC that appears to cost a small fortune lol.

What do you think?

Yeah, I don’t see why that would be a problem.

As long as the price isn’t too high while still being enough for the dev’s to make a profit, I’m all for it.

People really don’t understand that extra paid DLC makes a game look bad. Remember all the “free-to-play” nonsense that KI has been going through?

I would love it personally, but the fact that the devs are considering this fact is good.

People still think they have to buy each character independently of each other for about 5 dollaz per… :astonished:


I just think it’s nice to have the option. They already allow for a la carte characters. Why not add a few a la carte stages or accessory packs as well, especially if it means tiding people over between season 3’s end and season 4’s beginning?

The only way it looks bad to me is if there’s so much content and it’s so expensive that you feel like you’re being nickel and dimed to death. Or perhaps if the price doesn’t match the amount of content. I know NRS got flak from some fans because they were charging half the price of the full game just to get 4 characters and a few outfits.

So yeah, there’s definitely a balance. While some fans will gleefully fork over large sums of money to get more and collect everything they can get their mitts on, other fans can be turned off by over-monetization or perceived price gouging of the fan base.

Assuming they can do it without being like DOA5 (too much stuff at too high a price) or MKX (not enough stuff at too high a price), I’d be all in favor of it.

I paid for battle costumes and stages for SFV without question I feel most people would be open to receiving awesome DLC for KI

If it’s worthy

I’d gladly pay for that stuff, honestly I’m shocked KI isn’t more DLC focused. Other games that are “free to play” crap out costumes and accessories like they only eat Chipotle and drain cleaner.

I feel like there is a slippery slope with paid DLC. How would we know if certain items would be held back in order to be sold instead of being a part of the season?

Asking because SFV had a season pass but everything announced at EVO was paid DLC. Why even buy a Season Pass for SFV? Can’t believe people even let that slide.

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If the product is attractive enough I suppose it does t matter-

I love the Cpt stage but not so much a fan of just 2 characters or so getting regal or swimsuit costumes- I love karins but not Laura or mika

So I have t purchased until I find more that’s worth it.

I’m also one of those who buy the $2.99 dynamic backgrounds for the ps4 so lol

It’s very individualized

I think that’s a bit of an issue too though. When you say “it’s very individualized,” I can see KI offering stuff a la carte like… If you want one arena or just Orchid’s accessory set but not Eyedol’s or Raam’s (if they were in a hypothetic pack together).

Thing is that I can absolutely see that turning in to a DOA5 scenario where in order to actually get everything, you have to spend an insane amount of money.

Should there be a balance between those that want to collect everything and those that want to pick and choose and how do you maintain that balance, the more content you put out? I mean, I think DOA5 has over $100 worth of just OUTFITS. To me, that’s crazy. On one hand, it’s nice to have a lot of options. On the other, it’s A HUNDRED DOLLARS for character outfits in a video game.

The problem with dlc stages is that it can split the player base of the game. How is matchmaking supposed to work if a fraction of the community doesn’t buy the extra stages?

Season passes are only good for what they tell you up front, usually they say. In KI’s case we get 8 characters, accessory sets, retros, etc. Anything outside of that is additional content, some people might feel entitled to more but never did KI say that a season bundle entitled you get EVERYTHING that is released that season.

At the end of the day I’d rather pay extra for content I want than not get it because they’re afraid to ruffle some feathers.

In season one stages were bought with KP, if you didn’t have them you could only play on them if your opponent chose the stage. Same goes for characters, you can interact with them but you can’t choose them unless you buy. DLC stages would be the same, they would be in-game but you wouldn’t be able to “use” them unless you buy.

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