Is MrGrimmmz Returning? Definitely can't wait to try him out. He looks nuts!

— MrGrimmmz (@MrGrimmmmz) December 2, 2015

Obviously there isn’t any conclusive evidence to say that he will make a comeback to the KI scene. Pretty sure he has his own thing going on with H1Z1. Still, seeing season 1 competitors make their come back is always a spectacle. I wonder why a lot of Season 1 competitors dropped KI. Some say the constant updates, the characters, the combo break system etc. Does anyone seem to have the right answer?

To the point of the thread though, if Grimmmz comes back, do you think he can outshine the likes of JagoBlake, ThompxSon, etc. or has his time in KI come to an end?

I think Grimmmz dropped the game due to all the Jago nerfs, and the fact that from s1 to s2 there were a lot of system changes that also affected his character directly. Not to mention all the drama that surrounded him in the KI community at the time.

Grimmmz was a great player, but I don’t think he really was about the tournament scene…and so many people wanted him to be. I think that was a big point of contention.

Hate to pose the question on behalf of curiosity. But, what drama surround him and the community? I remember he went to Top 8 though and was knocked out by CDjr… who also left the KI scene.

Also, I suppose the system changes were a big reason for a lot of people to drop KI, still kind of a bummer though because of how good they were. Not trying to put down any current contender, but I have grown tired of seeing the same people using the same characters. I mean Robelo is entertaining because of his instinct juggles but otherwise, we see the same. Then again this is 8BBD and not EVO nor World Cup so I’m sure I’ll see some crazy contenders including Japanese fighters.

I honestly don’t like talking about people’s drama / business, and to keep it 100…I usually don’t pay attention to drama at all if it has nothing to do with me, so I’m not the best person to ask to answer you question. Still…

I know Grimmmz had some drama with LCD (there are YouTube videos about this on LCDs channel), and I’ve heard things from other players talking about trying to get games with him for tournament practice and not being able to, but yeah, that is pretty much all I know.

About CDjr, I know him and Grimmmz had some twitch spats in various chats, but again, I was never a part of it, so I never really dug into it. I doubt it had anything to do with Evo 2014, but yeah, regarding CDjr specifically, it would seem that he lost interest in KI during the roll out of S2 with all the changes and the like, coupled with the (at the time) looming launch of MKX.

Regarding the character / player variety in KI right now, I think we are just in a lull right now with the coming KI cup, and S3 on the horizon. The hardcore tournament players, the ones going to the KI World Cup, they are most likely dialing in their game in an effort to take the Cup. At this point in the game / season’s life, people aren’t experimenting as much with other characters, they are honing the ones they know and are established with.

After the KI Cup, and definitely when S3 drops, the community will be shaken up, and player / character variety will be changed no doubt.

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No, he dropped the game because he was tired of people bad-mouthing him and making him look like a terrible person. He had enough of the community’s toxicity and just gave up live-streaming it.

EDIT: I should clarify and say he didn’t drop the game, he just stopped caring about making a show about it on twitch for reason above. He still plays the actual game. He fought Guttermagic not even a month after EVO.

God these people are so sensitive!

How they deal with real life ill never know!


At the end of the day; What other people think of you is none of your God damn business!

People should not effect how you interact or enjoy playing a game!

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I think he decided to leave after LCD challenged him to a money-match. He refused and people started to hassle him about it so he left.

The community is full of annoying people, grimmz got annoyed at the amount of hate and insults, its just game guys. chill out

Nah, he confirmed on his stream that he was just gonna try out Shago and go back to HZ1Z. He says he still plays the game just not on stream.

It’s on him. I’m a Moderator in his stream and have been part of his stream since he’s started. I’ve seen it all, and what he’s been through. It’s all up to him. If he doesn’t want to, that’s fine, I take satisfaction seeing him body everyone in H1Z1. If he goes back to KI, that’s fine also, It would be cool to play with him again and have fun with the community (Which has gotten MASSIVELY better since launch), but we cannot force that decision upon him. It is all up to him. We will just have to wait and see. Until then, I’m gonna watch him “Molly Burn” everybody. :smile:

That’s a real shame, but I can understand his reasoning behind it. As great as a family we have here on the forums there are some people who would take advantage and really just stir up a mess. I’m not competitive by an means, but I can understand how much more pressure there was on him and people using it against him.

While I want to agree with you, part of me can’t because I know everyone has a limit. Yeah, its online and we should enjoy the game but it is more enjoyable when you don’t have people attempting to constantly bring you down, from what I hear that is the case with Grimmmz. I mean eventually it will take its toll and just drive someone away, especially if its coming from the same level of competitors. I’m sure he still enjoys KI just not at the competitive level he used to, so that he still does.[quote=“CRIS178, post:9, topic:3020, full:true”]
Nah, he confirmed on his stream that he was just gonna try out Shago and go back to HZ1Z. He says he still plays the game just not on stream.
That’s a bummer. I genuinely enjoyed watching his Jago. Never been keen on H1Z1, found it a lame attempt at DayZ. But, so long as he is better off than that is good.

Well at least that is good that he found a game he can be just as passionate about as he was with KI.

I hear u mr tiger! im just SO thick skined id probably live for the negativity lol. Stir it up and enjoy being both valued and demonised player lol

Grimmmz come back and stop giving 2 ■■■■ what ppl think or say! If they have time to watch your life and criticise it… then they are still just WATCHING YOUR LIFE!

Big lesson of today… don’t have a limit… its ugly hahaha


What is H1Z1?

If you want to know why Mr. Grimmmz left KI probably the best thing to do is to ask him.

As far as “drama” why does it always seem like the FGC is filled with middle school girls?

Its a pvp zombie survival game based off DayZ.

Yes, I would if you know, he would answer. But he didn’t, however, I don’t need to know as the comments above provide me the answers.

People are curious, he left without saying much. He used to be a high-leveled competitor and suddenly he felt the need to part with the community. I really only wanted to know just so I knew where he came from, myself being a Jago main and Grimmmz being one of the best, it didn’t take long to notice his absence - just wanted to know why.

Mr. Grimmmz streamed KI again! It was amazing fun! Everybody was HYPE and having fun in the chat. Everybody was watching! Apparently nobody was Streaming KI when Grimmmz was on.

I saw a bunch of people there, including:
@TheKeits, @TempusChaoti, @Infilament, @CStyles45, and many more!

Very cool for all of us to hang out once more. Maybe Next time? :slight_smile:


Yeah was a lot of fun last night. Grimmmz and Guttermagic had a lot of good matches. good stream.


I noticed, but I was at work here in the far east. Wish I could have joined live. Hope you all had a good time.

And the word is back as it used to be. Lol

The most important thing is that no one need to listen to no one.

You just gotta do what you do and enjoy doing it :blush:

Eveything else is Water off a ducks back!

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