Is KI requiring better PCs lately?

My PC is not the best thing in the world. To be honest, is a bit under the minimum requirements.


Is was always approved with something around 1050/1000 points. ALWAYS…
No frame drops online, no crashes, nothing. I’ve been playing a fluid and solid game online with every single character.

Some days before the last KI update I needed to reinstall my Windows, and yesterday I’ve decided to reinstall KI. When I did the performance test… BINGO! I got 724/1000. It means I cannot play ranked matches online again.

I’m absolutely sure that I put all settings to the best performance (as I usually used) both in game and the video card, updated all drivers, turned off DVR, but still the same thing. The fact is, it was a huge performance difference from before the last update, I’m talking about more than 300 points.

What may have happened? Does it means I cannot play ranked anymore? :frowning:

My PC (as I said, yes I know it’s a bit lower the minimum requirements):

  • i5 4200u 1,60GHz
  • 12GB RAM
  • Nvidia GT740M 2GB
  • Windows 10 w/ Anniversary Update

Thanks for any help!

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You may have not ideal drivers. Sometimes newest driver does not give better performance, especially for older cards.

I have gtx660m and i pass benchmark only on 362 version, any newer version lowers my results to around 750/1000.

Try uninstalling driver with Display Driver Uninstaller and try older driver.

PS: I gotta add, i have weird issue on this driver though - sometimes i pass that benchmark, and sometimes i just… Dont, and have to restart game or even reboot computer, as if some driver files aint loading or something. The magic of potato rigs i guess.

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Man, I love you. XD
It worked! I’ve downloaded some older drivers, but only when I installed the 362.0 version I took 1023/1000 again…

So the point is: is KI having issues with newer Nvidia drives (specially to older video cards)? I ask that because I was playing GTA V yesterday with the newest version of it without any issue, no frame drops like KI was having.

Well, if somebody else is with the same issue (frame drops with older VGA), try using older drivers. The 362.0 version worked perfectly.

Thanks again!

No problem, im glad i was helpful :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the same problem. Just reinstalled windows and now the test don’t even pass the 600 points both with the newer and the original Acer 920m drivers.

If you have a Geforce 920M with Windows 10 64 bits, try to install this driver:

Or find here ( ) the correct settings of your computer and download the version 362.0 of the driver.

Maybe it works for you too. :slight_smile:

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It didn’t help. In fact the game could barely load with this driver and I got lots of black screens. There’s something else I’m missing, it was fine before and I could swear I had the most recent nvidia drivers before formatting.

yeah Nvidia nas a bad habit of setting your system way backwards when the latest driver drops. I don’t even have auto update enabled. My system isn’t missing it either. Most of those updates are just quick-settings for the latest AAA game and maybe some VR stuff. but if your system there is no point in ‘fixing’ it through an update. Saved myself a lot of headaches having all the auto-updates turned off for pretty much everything on my system.

Now, this is lame. I simply can’t play it anymore.

Ok, me and @VerminatorX have older video cards than you (740m and 660m respectively, while you have an 920m). Instead of using a driver from March, try to install something a bit newer.

I would recommend the version 372.70, released in August 30, 2016.

If it doesn’t help again, try another one, and again and again. I’m not professional on this, but it sounds a bit logic because if the game was running before you reinstall the SO, why wouldn’t it work after it? That happened with us and was fixed using older versions of the driver.

I would appreciate @developers help here. :slight_smile:

Also important when juggling drivers, to delete them using Display Driver Uninstaller, so no remains will be left, that can create a mess.

I simply downloaded the older version and installed selecting the “clean install”. It uninstalled the newer driver itself and then installed the older one.

But yeah, to ensure a clean installation, this software would be recomended as well. :slight_smile:

I’ve already tested lots of diferent drivers, none are working as intend. The ones released at October are the only ones that does not glitches the game.

The results was:
375.86 -> glitches everywhere

375.70 / 375.63 -> no glitches if i set the driver to performance mode, runs smooth on test until 50% as soon cinders starts to use shadow Inferno, after that the frame rate goes bananas.

372.54 -> The one i was using in august where i made a post showing someone here that he could run KI on his notebook… glitches on menus.

353.24 (original from acer) - everything goes bananas

I’m already giving up.

No, it’s not. I’ve had one PC that when KI came out earlier this year would barely run it… GTX 670…all settings had to be put at bare minimum for it to run passing on the performance test. Just the other day I booted it back up on that PC with the same results, and that’s with current drivers. So no, even with the recent updates it’s still running the same.

Of course there is the thing about PCs where the more junk that gets added to them the more bogged down the processors get running stuff in the background, so there is that issue that might be affecting some players.

Heeeey… What do you mean with “I’m already giving up”? No no no no… Let’s Combo Break it right now and find a solution… You are not allowed to give up… :angry:

@Jihatden seems your words helped in the last minute. :grinning:

Finally, it worked with version 368.81 from July.

The weird thing is, depending on the setting i made in each driver the game showed different behaviors.

In some, if i turn off the option to let the game decide about the graphics, the game starts fast, i could skip loading logos, had no glitches, but i could not achive the required performance on test. If i let it on i could barely load the game.

And with this one was the oposite, if i turn the option off i get all glithches and performance problems, but if i let the game choose the performance, it runs smooth.

I never saw such instability before, and man, I’ve lost the count on how many video drivers I’ve installed in my life.

It’s working, thanks for the tips.

I’m glad to read that!

So PC players with Nvidia cards (mobile at least) are suffering with this issue as we can see here. We still can play the game, but with a specific driver which is not the newest released, which is a problem actually.

I hope the developers read this thread and help us fixing it.