Is KI in your top 10 of fighting games?

KI2013 as of today, with season 2 done and Shago released, is it in your top 10 of fighting games?

  • Yes
  • No

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In September it wasn’t in mine yet but the many features and improvements are undeniable, and it now would definitely take a spot. Not sure which one, though :smile:

Just for reference, my “OLD” list in the Off Topic thread:

  1. Virtua Fighter 4 evolution
  2. Street Fighter 3 Third Strike but also W-Impact
  3. Capcom VS SNK 2
  4. (Super/Hyper) Street fighter 2 (and maybe one Alpha game)
  5. Mortal Kombat 1&2
  6. Soul Calibur
  7. Tatsunoko vs Capcom
  8. Garou mark of the Wolves
  9. MvC 2
  10. MK9

(I really would like to see my old list from the old forum because I am sure I changed a few games/spots)

  1. Soul Caliber 2
  2. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
  3. Mortal Kombat X
  4. Killer Instinct Season 1/2
  5. Street Fighter 2
  6. Marvel vs Capcom 2
  7. Injustice
  8. Capcom vs Tatsunoko
  9. Soul Caliber 4
  10. Killer Instinct Gold

What??? But there no SC2 for dreamcast…

Should be Soul Calibur, of course!

Oh… I was like “WHAT??? I should check google for SC2 dreamcast” So, I just google “soul caliber 2 dreamcast verson” but there no SC2 dreamcast. LOL

My list is rather short:

  1. Killer Instinct (XB1 Edition)
  2. Injustice Gods Among Us
  3. Street Fighter 4 (all editions)
  4. Mortal Kombat (9)

Honorable mentions (in no particular order): Soul Calibur, Virtua Figher, Super Smash Bros., Eternal Champions, and Dead or Alive.

Killer Instinct

Number 1, by a mile.

I don’t have a deep backlog of fighting games to compare it to, but I don’t even know what a comparable game would have to look like mechanically.

number 1 of ALL games right now

Killer Instinct is my fighting game. It is the game I judge all other fighting games by. Why? Because it is the first and only one I’ve managed to get anywhere near good at. It’s the only one I’ve sunk so many hours into (I’m slowly approaching 800 hours played).
Sure, I’m still not great at it compared to a lot of people. I know that I’m no Killer. But no other fighting game gives me the same feeling this game does, where I can get behind any character, where they’re all fun to play, well designed, easy to sympathize with. The music blow just about everything else out of the water. It’s not just a good game sound track, but music I can listen to during every day activities and still get pumped.
I only started really getting into fighting games when I got KI. I always thought you could mash to victory and that that once you’d played one you’d played then all. After getting into fighting games, though, nothing seems as fun. The controls in KI are forgiving enough that I can concentrate on my gameplay rather than my controls.

TL;DR- KI isn’t “in” my top ten. KI is my top ten.
…■■■■ that was corny.


SnkvCapcom Chaos

MvC series



Xmen Legends (maybe above MK)


Snk V Capcom Chaos was probably my first purchase of a fighting game on console. It will always be my favorite even if I never played online. Violent Ken was legit. First introduction to Mai Shiranui :heart_eyes:

If I read how many dollars, euros, etc were spent on this game in addition to the countless hours, it makes me :cry: I think that many have seen this game evolve and hopefully get better and better…

That was such a cool name for a character!! But his looks, crazy!!!

difficult to answer cause they are many things who do difference in my choice so ill do 2 list.

list 1: about all innovation possible and ideas without limitations.

1.mortal kombat from deception till X
2.Killer instinct 1 & 2 arcade :heart_eyes: :grin: best of the best
5.capcom vs snk 2
6.bloody roar :wink:
7.MvC 2
8.killer instinct ( xbox one) :disappointed_relieved: there is so much who could be exploited

list 2 : about the beauty and fun andaccesibility

1.killers instinct ( all series till xbox one) :heart_eyes: aganos ,kan ra ,hisako are just :kissing_heart:
2.mortal kombat x :kissing_heart:
3.bloody roar
7.capcom vs snk2

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No it isn’t. I like KI Season 1 & 2 but it’s far from the best fighting game I’ve played in my life. Mine goes as

  1. Street Fighter 3 3rd strike
  2. Ultra Street Fighter 4
  3. Tekken 6
  4. King of Fighters 13
  5. Killer Instinct 94’
  6. Killer Instinct 96’(since the next sequel if we get one will probably be KI2.)
  7. Samurai Showdown 2.
  8. Garou Mark of the wolves.
  9. Capcom VS SNK 2.
  10. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

Killer instinct is my favorite fighting game all time.
I played it in the arcade hall, on my nintendo’s and now on xbox one (last one can do with some improvements but it still got the basics and its awesome)
Killer Instinct is easy to pick up but hard to master. :heart_eyes: love it!

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Bloody Roar!? Really!? IMO, that game was terrible!


Love this post! Here are mine

  1. Killer Instinct XB1
  2. Street Fighter 3rd Strike
  3. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  4. Ki 2
  5. Ki 1
  6. Super street fighter turbo
  7. Doa 3
  8. Soul Calibur 2
  9. Street Fighter Alpha 3
  10. MK 2

It’s in my top 10 definatley. Currenly it sits at Number one:

Here’s my own list:

1: Killer Instinct (1 and 2013) (Diverse cast and fun fighting mechanics)

2: Primal-Rage (Dino’s and prehistoric monsters sets this game apart from all others)

3: Mortal-Kombat 9 (The best MK game)

4: DarkStalkers 2 (another game with a diverse cast of characters)

6: King of the Monsters 2 (Sega) (I love KOM2 as a whole but I remember how fun it was to actually be a Kaiju and beat the crap out of my brother through a city)

7: Smash Bros. (Yes I consider Smash a fighting game, maybe not a typical fighting game, but a fighting game no less)

8: MKX (something about just lacks the amount of charm MK9 had.)

9: Injustice (controls feel really loose and all over the place but it’s pretty fun)

10:Soul Calibar 2 (Porbably the only SC Game I actually liked, I got tired of the series as a whole and finally jumped ship after 5)

11: DBZ Xenoverse (yes this is actualy on here to me the best DBZ game so far and it’s a nice little fighting game)

The ones who’ll never make it on any top 10 list of mine again;
MK: Deadly Alliance and Deception

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too much nonsense in this game to be in a top 10 for this genre.
if weconsider 2d style only, maybe at the end of the chart.
If we have to consider 3d style ones too, not a chance.

I’ve never really considered ranking FGs… to me, there’s games I have fun playing and games I don’t have fun playing. That said, I have the most fun playing KI.

So, aside from KI, here’s some FGs I enjoy:
SF2T/HF, SF 3rd Strike, USF4, SFV
Rising Thunder