Is KI gold gonna have non microtransaction uses?

By this I mean, is there gonna be things that the ONLY way to get them is with KI Gold, or is KI gold only gonna be used to acomplished things faster?

I certainly hope so. I do like grinding for accessories and colors as it gives me something to work towards.

Yeah, they mentioned it will have uses for the new shadow lords mode, but the way it was worded seems like its just going to be a way to do things faster in the mode. I want real uses for this 18,000 KI gold.

What would be the point of locking content behind KI gold? Just charge normal money for it so we don’t pay extra and have a small amount of gold left over.

That 18,000 ki gold for preorders, I am sure we want a real use for it, okay how about this KI Gold Or Real money, but something that the only way to get it is to buy it? Make sense?

I would like to see additional accessories, costumes, colors, taunts, intros and outros added as KI Gold purchase options (so long as they’re reasonably prices and not overly obnoxious).

And dare I say it but I would pay for more stages too. It hurts that bad to just have 3 stages that I’d pony up more money for some more stages tied to characters.

Im down for anything they add honestly, as long as it isn’t something I can grind for, I want KI gold to have some real uses.

They said some of the extra costumes could only be purchased with ki gold

And are included in ultra edition too. I know what you are talking about though.