Is KI getting "TOO" Dark?

Watching the Tusk Livestream last night. The game and stages do look a better. Significantly darker shades and tones for the stages and character to try to capture the KI feel.

But that also came at a price. Some characters color pallets also seem a bit too dark and seem to blend in to much on some stages making it harder to see. The details of the character are then lost because of this.

Now everyone needs to keep in mind, there is a big difference between watching a livestream on twitch compared to actually playing it. The bitrate on twitch sucks, making it very choppy and dark colors and tones are even harder to see because of this. Now the game could be perfectly fine if you’re just playing in front of a tv or monitor.

But IG needs to look at the bigger picture. If you want make this a spectator sport it needs to be very clear whats going on to the viewers on twitch also and not just the people playing.

Think of Evo this year when people who don’t normally play KI will tuning in on twitch and immediately be turned off.

If KI wants to succeed as a competitive game going forward this cannot happen.

My suggestion is give the characters a bit more vibrant and lighters color pallets. Now im not saying make them like SF5 but just enough where the characters pop out from the stages a bit more especially those darker stages and making it easier on the eyes.

Its a win win for all.

This is why the phrase “You can’t please them all” exists.
Because you can’t.

So many people have whined about the game being too bright for so long. So now IG is doing something about it… and what happens? Someone whines about it being too dark now.

You can’t please them all.


I’m just basing it off my own viewing experience. From what I’ve seen from S3 some characters are just blending into the background too much making it harder to watch on twitch with the crappy bitrate

Well, you can’t please them all.

I guess, but I dont think it’s really about that

dark or light I just want to be able to see whats going on and be able to appreciate the character designs.

From what I’ve seen, I don’t have a problem with the new lighting. But when S3 is out, I will get to experience it for myself and then I will make the assessment.

If there is a particular colour that seems unfair (before the adjustments, arias stage at start comes to mind - watching the tournament where sleep played aria he seemed to be abusing the colour/stage choice) I hope they just ban that colour from tournament play.

I love it being darker.
The stages look amazing. Even more so now that the characters blend in a little.

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I think the best thing to do would be to wait until the 29th to see how it looks on your tv/pc at home. I personally feel that no matter what you wont get a good idea of how it looks until you try it! I personally prefer the darker look in general but its no deal breaker for me.

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Ban the color black from tournament play? #racism


Funnily enough people were complaining in another thread that the characters pop out too much, that they just look copy and pasted onto the screen as opposed to being inside the stage.

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All that is bull**** really… your basically saying ‘make it more like SF so the SF community plays/watches it’ . That’s not the cases… look how Dark MKX is… SF n MK already had a huge following from years pasted… With loads of games over the years… They have their style and it sells… KI was missing in action for over 2 decades with a hardcore fan bases. KI evolves… much quicker than SF and MK because it has too and becoming darker is much too the new stage lighting than characters.

Realistic lighting is a must in my book. One of the the reasons MKX looks as good as it does is because of that reason…and MKX is FAR darker than KI ever has been.

I think everything looks fine as is. Tbh, the new lighting actually makes the game even more vibrant and pretty IMO. As for characters I think they are good too. They aren’t overly bright like SF characters, but they aren’t so dark to the point of looking dull and bland either.


I would say just wait until you get it and play it because you can’t go off of a stream it’s not the same quality

Loving dark KI :heart:

KI is like the middle ground between MK and SF in terms of lightning not too dark but not too bright either imo.

Dark KI is how the new KI started off. The new lighting is not that much different from Season 1’s.

I actually agree with the OP.

I love the new stage lighting but the characters do blend into the background quite a bit on many of the stages we’ve seen so far. The exception might be Tusk’s stage, but even Aganos’s stage (a bright stage) had a lot of weird darkness near the corner that wasn’t present in S2. The stage with the most blending seems to be Kim’s stage? The green aura permeates the stage and the characters so they don’t pop out as much.

It doesn’t bother me if the game is overly dark or overly bright… the main thing is whether the characters pop out from the backgrounds, so you can react to visual tells faster and understand when a character is doing certain things.

I dunno. Maybe I have to see the full game in 60fps on my TV/monitor when it comes out to fully judge. I definitely notice and share the OP’s concern, though.

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I just want to see the new lighting on Aria and Cinders stages. Can someone ask to see them when the all day stream is on?

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