Is Kevin Bayliss still doing the retro costumes for S3?

What the title says, I can’t remember if we got confirmation of this or not? I hope he’s still on bored.

I think not. He hasn’t spoken about it

I don’t think anyone knows for sure but personally I don’t think he is. There may be some things we don’t know, but for Arbiter it seemed as if 343 was heavily involved with the ideas for retros and the stage and such. That’s just me though.

Is Kevin Bayliss the 1 who did all of the S2 costumes? Because if so, then he’s gone onto better things. I remember that there was a big announcement about it and a wonderful send-off for him. Of course, I might be thinking of somebody else (I have a tendency to get KI peeps mixed up from time to time, much to the ire of the devs and mods themselves), so take it with a grain of salt. :wink:

unfortunately not.

Damn that sucks, hopefully IG does a good job w Kim and Tusks retros.

I believe you’re thinking of Mick Gordon, the guy that did the music for S1 and S2.

No, that’s a similar issue though. Both the music guy and the costume guy left for reasons…

I’m not sure if he left for good but I know he is doing artwork on ghat new Playtonic game similar to Banjo

The Maya and TJ retros were really bad. As bad as some of the S1 retros.
The fact some characters will never get real retros is baffling.


Did someone say PC Mods?! We’'ll get them now :grin:


That’s why I’m worry about Kim Wu and Tusk’s retro…

While it IS a fact that some characters may never get new retros, here’s another FACT for you: the term “real” is entirely and subjectively yours. What you consider to be a “real” or “not real” retro is an opinion. It’s not a FACT at all. For example, I think the retros we currently have, while some could certainly use some work, are, by and large, perfectly fine and are, since you used the term, absolutely REAL. The ones we have are here to stay, as purported by the devs themselves, no ins, ands, or buts about it, so you might as well get used to it, or even better yet, simply don’t use them at all like other people who don’t like them tend to do. :wink: