Is it sad that I have purchased all 3 ultras at launch but am just now getting into the game?

Bought everything at launch (despite my objections to the pricing of season 3) But until now I never really played the game that much, but I started playing today, and I am hooked, I guess it seems stupid that I bought the content and never really used it, huh?

if you saw my Steam list of games that I purchased but played less than 20 minutes, you’d know the meaning of “bought the content and never really used it”…

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My backlog across the xbox 360 and xbox one is sad. It really truly is.

Maybe it has to do with modern gaming anxiety. There’s so many affordable good games I’d like to play that I end up just browsing forums all day and not playing any.

Procrastination to avoid procrastination, since in this case procrastinating (playing all good games) feels like work. Curious human mind.


You just described me in a nutshell to be honest.

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I feel the same way but KI is the only game I really play and I have 1tb full of games like I bought GTA V and never even played it but I play KI every day

I bought the whole Tomb Raider collection on Steam when it was on sale for $70 a few years ago. Haven’t touched 80% of them.

You’re… actually surprisingly on the money.

@jpraelster93 what did distract you btw? You said you didn’t play until today, I just want to know why…

Crysis 2, L.A. Noire, Burnout Paradise, Metro 2033, Medal of Honor, GTA IV, Arkham City… all sitting in my Steam library. Never played, not even once.

You decide what you want to do with your money and how you will use the product you bought… of course as long it doesn’t harm others.

Whether it is sad or not, that’s only up to you to judge.
However, from what you say about being “hooked” on the game now after finally having tried it, I’d say it was indeed not a waste. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the product you’ve spent money on. ^^

Honestly, I just wanted to support a fighting game on the xbox one, but my backlog just continued to get bigger.

A reasonable factor, welcome to KI officially :smiley:

Thank you, currently working on unlocking everything for jago, welll not currently currently, right now I am watching daredevil.

I get what you mean : >

Yeah, money does that to you. My backlog is full of half-finished games yet I keep buying more cause I’m not in the mood to play them.

I STILL haven’t finished Halo 5’s campaign or played its multiplayer much (not that I dislike it just not in the mood).

Lost Planet 2 was basically abandoned on my 360.

And Xenoblade is ridiculously long.

RIP me.

I am working on my backlog as we speak, but I am gonna try and play at least a few matches of KI a night.