Is it possible that we get a SKY STAGE?

I know…
we got all the stages already,
there is no time or money to make more stages
but if there’s one thing that can make up for all the lost stages
I dont think its so many work to make and i know a few KI player would be very happy with it.
I really hope IG makes the time to give us a sky stage.
What you guys think?
yes or no?

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Honestly no, its a nice little homage, but its so little effort and kinda boring, a flat square stage and the entire background is skyboxes, all around meh.

If we could get one more stage honestly I’d prefer it to be a stage for Gargos, the big boss deserves a stage of his own.

I’m pretty sure they could redo it and make it look stellar, for those who want to see more in a sky stage…

Honestly … YES … Lol

Not likely, for some reason they thought axing character stages wouldn’t bother us so the odds of getting more stages now are minimal. It was such an odd decision to make, they KNOW we love stages. We have been begging for sky/rooftop stages and retro stages too, I have a hard time understanding the decision to give us LESS of what we want instead of more.

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Can someone please explain to me what is exactly meant when you guys suggest a sky stage?
I see this suggested all the time, but I can only picture everyone floating in the sky trying to swing at each other :joy:

Like these:

The secret sky stage has kind of been a long-running KI Easter egg.


Oh, shows what I know :joy:
Personally I think it looks a little too bland. If it was on the roof of a skyscraper or something more than just “magical floating platform” I would support it.


I would prefer Ultimates. honestly I’m indifferent to a new stage.

Mannnn. We really really need this . It’s been in both ki and ki gold …it would make perfect sense to be in this game … Come on. It would be so freaking cooooll !!!

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An idea I had for a “sky stage” and also be Gargos’ stage would be ARIA’s stage but destroyed and corrupted by Gargos. The roof would be destroyed so it’s more like you’re on top of a roof, the city in the background would be in flames, the sky would have the portal Gargos came out of, and the green smoke that’s supposed to be Gargos’ corruption be be all over the place.