Is it better to keep our expectations moderate?

Seeing the recent reception of Shin Hisako (and to an extent Kilgore) it got me thinking for a while. We speculate/expect a lot of things from our game like characters, stages, ultimates, etc. But is it possible that we at times speculate/expect something so much that we become attached to it and when it doesn’t happen we feel disappointed at best and soul crushed at worst. And it has me concerned.

Now I’m not going to throw shade on the those who wanted something more original and interesting because I’m guilty of this myself and a lot of things you guys come up with here are really cool. But at the same time, we don’t really know what to expect as pretty much anything goes. So I ask you guys, is it better to keep our expectations moderate so that way we are more prepared for the worst case scenario? That way, when something we want does happen, we can get hype for it more and if it doesn’t, then it’s not as soul crushing.

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I do think people are a little too hopeful sometimes. I mean, it was obvious the second character was also going to be a remix, but people kept insisting it would be something new and simply set themselves up for disappointment. I see the same thing with everyone getting ultimates past the currently planned 15. IG says one thing, people expect something else, IG releases what they said they would, people get upset.


I expect the game to be at least stable.
Having weopons that all characters can use would be really cool. A remixed fighter is cool but nothing new…

I think so, but only because I find it easier to keep expectations low, you just don’t really know what to expect.
However, what I really want people to stop doing is getting agitated through their stupid emotional investment and start being more open and practical about how KI evolves. We’ve had seen it changed for 3+ years, people should be more understanding about it by now.

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Hype is good for selling games, but rarely good for players. Even something that’s really good can be disappointing if you set your expectations too high.

It’s okay to look forward to something, but always be sure temper your expectations. And if you don’t like the look of something, be ready to be open to it in case it turns out to be the best thing since tummy rubs. Afterall, tis better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. That way if you like it, it’s awesome. And if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world.


As for expectations… Too many people turn “expectation for a good character” into “The character better be everything i ever wanted, and be perfect”

As for Shin Hisako…

Anyone who says “My expectations havent been met” should immediately be discredited. We have not seen animations, Costumes, colors, gameplay, mechanics, or anything other than the base model, AND EVEN THAT HAS CHANGED a significant amount. Her Hair, Skin coloration, clothes, weapon, and stance have all changed, so there is NOTHING that labels her a “clone character” except her name.

If people just dont like the idea that a character shuold evolve or go through changes in a fighting game, THATS FINE! But to say there is a lack of effort, creativity, or budget from it is ABSURD. There is NO EVIDENCE of any of those claims, and no one will ever provide any. If anyone is disappointed in Shin Hisako, for any reason other than preference, please dont ever discuss character design in your life again.

(Yes im getting upset. If they dont have evidence for an argument, they shouldn’t be allowed to have that opinion.)

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In the end, I think some people just want a quick and straight answer or no answer at all. Ultimately it’s best to keep expectations at a moderate level and go on from there.

Sometimes we all have to remember that the @developers are the ones with the final say in the end and it is there game to do with as they please. Really they don’t HAVE to meet anyone’s expectations but their own and I think we have given more than enough input to guide their decision. They are still making the game for the fans and they know that.

ah, I remover when I was little and had expectations for Christmas. I would hype Christmas up so much but accepted what ever I got with gratitude. just cause we cut the middleman (parents) out monetary wise, maybe we just let ourselves become too emotionally invested.


This. I don’t know if “moderate” is even the right word. People need to stop the “It’s not exactly what I was thinking of - therefore it’s garbage.” And, to be frank, I think people need to stop trying to convince these people that the content is okay. The developers don’t need us defending them from every asshat who wants to get the last word saying “Whuh? Clone characters sux. Lazy devs, DH was better S3 is ■■■! I guess there’s no talent left working on this game. Derpa derp!”

You can’t fix stupid, and people just end up feeding the trolls. The devs read these boards but they aren’t just counting up posts in favor of and against in order to figure out what to do next. They’re just as capable of ignoring unhelpful comments as we are at pointing them out (over and over). I’m just as guilty of this as anyone, but I’m going to try to stop feeding the beast - no matter how obnoxious and ridiculous people are being.


This. People can get their hackles raised all they want about clones or “lazy” game design - that doesn’t mean you have to respond. I’ve taken to just ignoring people with nothing meaningful to add to a given conversation. It saves me a great deal of time and effort.


I think that overdeveloped expectations can certainly be a part of it, but adapting expectations is also an issue some seem to have.

Some people seem to set a line for “acceptable” and they never move it for anything. So when game development shifts its approach in any way or they deviate from previous practices in anything from the kinds of characters they bring out to releasing trailers etc, these people can’t adjust their expectations to the new reality because what’s done before is what should always be done from that point until eternity plus one and anything less is “a slap in the face” to fans.

It would be nice if people started with the idea of fun and built out from there. Maybe raise and lower expectations when news comes out and if something you see doesn’t strike you right away, then adjust until you see gameplay and if you don’t like the gameplay, then maybe try and file that under “stuff other people like, but might not be for me” and hope that the next thing is more suited to you.

For me, I’m not huge in to Kilgore. I enjoy his move set a little, but not as much as others. I also don’t love his name or his look. I think that having three glowing lights as a face is kinda lacking. I like his story a little, what I’ve seen of it anyways, but overall, the character doesn’t do a ton for me.

Still, instead of being angry about him being a Fulgore remix or angry that he’s not what I’d like him to be in certain respects, I just try and approach it from the perspective that others will like this more than I will and that’s okay.

As far as Shin Hisako goes, I’m not in love with the name, but I really liked the picture of her, as she looks human. If that’s the case, then I think it’s a really cool take on an existing character, and it’s a take that I’ve wanted to see in KI for a while. So as a remix, who will likely have borrowed animations, I’m not expecting the most unique thing I’ve ever seen, however I’m still very excited to see her in action and see what she can do. If she’s doesn’t play anything like what I’d want, I’ll adjust my expectations or I’ll move on to the next character.

I don’t want to say that everyone should be like me and how I approach stuff, as I’ve certainly had more than my fair share of complaints or issues with aspects of the game and that’s okay. I don’t mind anyone having issues or voicing them, whether it’s about this character or anyone else.

But if part of that frustration comes from an inability to monitor and adjust ones own expectations and to adapt to the realities of this game’s development, well… I think you’re doing yourself a disservice and I think you’re putting the developers in an awfully difficult position. At the end of the day, they have to be able to make the game as best as they can. Holding them to some line you drew in the sand two years ago doesn’t help them and it clearly doesn’t help fans either.


I think a lot of the frustration comes from the dangling carrot/ Sherlock Holmes process

I get it that it’s a trend that recent companies use this silhouette/ tease a date trickle info model

But the weeks and days before people theorize themselves into their own perception of greatness

Other than that it’s additional content of course it’s awesome to have new fresh gameplay

It is always a good idea to temper your expectations with reality… Have high hopes its fine, just be real with yourself and know what your limits are.

Honestly, I don’t think it is as much as tempering our expectations as much as having realistic expectations. If IG says that they are creating remixed (clone) characters, then that is exactly what they are doing. Nothing more or less. IG has been forefront about what they were doing with the new characters that are coming and to be honest, we should all withhold judgement on any “new” character until we’ve actually seen gameplay.


I think if MS had been honest from the beginning regarding the 3 characters, a lot of the negativity could have been avoided.

We only found out Shin Hisako was a remix just before her reveal/tease

I think if they had come forward when Kilgore was revealed and just flat out said something along the lines of “Kilgore and the second character are variations of existing characters but the third is new”

At least then people would not have gotten their hopes up for an all new samurai character.

I honestly don’t think the Katana guardian dossier helped when it said something like “when this happens a metamorphosis will occur” It was almost teasing that something huge would happen but then where is this metamorphosis with Shinsako?

Can’t really blame IG for any of this really

But why were people not expecting a remix in the first place? I was under the assumption that all three would be remixes until they revealed the third one would be new. Yet others thought the exact opposite.


That’s…a rather solid point there.