Is Gargos... Gargos?

good point, he retained absolutely 0 of his original attacks. Kept the flying, though. but his old lunging punches, his flamethrower, the epic hp regen… vanished. No other classic character had 90% of their moves taken away like that. Actually all the other characters had 90% of their moves retained in some way

but he was definitely the most boring boss character, so a drastic change was needed.

Eyedol if he’s ever rescued from limbo, needs to keep his signature billy club and I hope he gets his hp regen, even if it’s just an instinct thing, that foot charge was epic

Sometimes characters need an overhaul, and I think Gargos was one of them. From his looks to his moves, Gargos was very meh in KI2. That’s not me saying he was bad, but he was just eh. Nothing great, but nothing special. Now look at him. Even if you aren’t digging the design, his new move set is so much more interesting and unique than it was. I also think that his retro costume is a great modern interpretation of his OG design.

My only issue is neither his main or retro matches shago instinct. I was hoping maybe a accessory set to do so but nothing. Kills the immersion to me.

Think in this: That face wasn’t Gargos, but Shago’s face once he is fully corrupted. His mounth was already similar, so he wear the mask to hide the spikes. Omen it’s a reminiscent of these union, so he retains that.

I do too, but sadly, this happens. Tusk’s retro it’s really amazing, and I remember people saying that his ponytail isn’t identical to his original. IMO that’s a bit nitpick. I even saw somebody suggesting that he doesn’t liked Tusk new moveset, so let’s mantain this moveset for his new design, and give his former moveset for his retro, effectively having two characters… Insane…

I try to position myself from not only my perspective, I try to look all from devs POV. And man, they have give us a lot, and sometimes some of us are very unfriendly and unpolite… The don’t deserve that. Constructive criticism it’s ok(and wellcome!!), if something it’s wrong and you can justify it by facts, then it’s ok, but opinions are more complex: everybody has one, but not everybody it’s right…

That’s understandable.

But yeah, Gargos (and Eyedol, should he ever happen) sort’ve needed a new moveset. Ooh, uppercuts and flames. REALLY stands out. :rolling_eyes:

Apologies if you really liked old Gargos, but I think this incarnation just makes him feel even more of a “final boss” than he was before.

He feels like an actual god and not just some sort of buff gargoyle man.


I could have sworn classic gargos had a potbelly. But with all these images of him resurfacing I guess not. maybe it was the hunchback effect. Still Retro Potbelly Gargos should be a thing.

I just knew they’d have a tiger outfit to reference a tiger spirit…

Guess Not

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No its not, everyone does it.

Yep he gots his signature move.