Iron Galaxy's new game: Extinction

So this looks interesting, no doubt. It’s also kinda seemed like IG has been in expansion mode for a while now, so announcing a new game makes sense.

Still can’t help but wonder…

What does this mean for KI? :sweat:


In the words of IG “Stayed Tuned”

I don’t think we are going to be abandoned just yet though.


I don’t think so either. I’m sure they have multiple teams working on multiple projects. It just seems like it’s been a really long time since we got anything definitive on KI’s future. Something about going week to week makes me nervous. :slight_smile:

I will admit, this is probably why we haven’t had much KI lately. This looks like a pretty big project to manage. Looks like we have a new little brother. We’re gonna have to share our toys, and mommy and daddy might not have as much time for us anymore.


LOL yeah that certainly seems possible, but who knows. They could two completely different teams working on these games. But what you say… I dunno, kinda makes sense to me, even if it’s just conjecture, of course.

Extinction looks cool, but if it’s why KI’s delivery process was changed or why the content delivery seems to have slowed versus say, season 2, when brand new characters were coming out each month, then that would be unfortunate.

Of course, Rukari said these three characters weren’t planned from the start of season 3, so Kyle that’s why they took a bit longer. Still kinda makes me wonder though… What IS the plan for KI and when this summer will they clue us in to it?

Sometimes I want to get a job at Iron Galaxy just so I can know what’s happening.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they have a team working on the crappy port of Arkham Knight for PC during season 2? Whatever the case, yes they work on more than 1 game at a time.

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But who actually did the trailer?
Must’ve been outsourced. It looks nothing like aesthetics in KI shadow lords cutscenes

i also like to think of it like this, too though: having another project for IG to work on aside from just KI, that means another potential income source, and if it does well, maybe some of that could surprise trickle back into KI :open_mouth: i mean, similar things have definitely happened in game dev for sure. sometimes having multiple projects can be the thing that keeps another project alive!

this game looks pretty interesting and i’m curious to see more!


That last line in the op’s post makes me think this should be in general discussion.

What DOES this mean for ki?

I thought about putting it there. Wasn’t quite sure if people wanted to talk about the game or what it meant for KI, or how much those are separate conversations. If it should be moved, no problem.

I just think it needs more attention and discussion. I bet most people don’t even know about this announcement!

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Agreed. Mods, if you have a preference on where this topic goes and feel it should be moved, then go for it. :slight_smile:

Attack on Shrek

What are you doing in my swamp.

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Haha, well that’s extreme

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This goes to show one of the resons im not that
sold on “never ending games”.

Without keeping the customers informed it leaves too
many questions, if the games is going to be ongoing,
then we are not even customers we become investors.

We should expect more info, but that info could drive
away potential new customers.

While I think that it’d be nice if there was some sort of regular, dependable, predictable source of information flow, like the weekly textual streams were, I don’t think that being an ongoing customer is equivalent to being an investor.

An investor buys in and has a financial stake in the performance of what they’ve bought in to. As gamers, we purchase something with our money and that’s where the investment ends. They’re not beholden to us beyond the normal customer / vendor relationship and expecting more than that has a tendency to lead to entitlement and unrealistic expectations.

Not saying you have any of those issues, of course. I’m just saying that those are potential pitfalls. As customers, we buy something and we can stop using that product any time we want without any financial ramifications. Investors aren’t so lucky.

As for Extinction and Killer Instinct, I’m looking forward to learning more about both at E3. Extinction seems like it should be on my radar, but I’m also curious what they might show or tell us about KI if we’re not seeing Eagle or Season 4.

I wouldn’t say that. It’s not like KI has a subscription service. Lots of other games release - you buy them - and thene there’s no concerted effort by the developers to tell you if they will release future DLC or not. I don’t know where these expectations would come from…

Honestly, I doubt one has anything to do with the other. IG is a modern game studio. They do their own games, contract work, and manage projects like KI that likely engage a lot of contracted and outsourced labor. That’s the world we live in. So, they hire people to meet the current need. I don’t think IG is sitting around working on KI and then suddenly realized they had free time and started developing another game.[quote=“WrathOfFulgore, post:7, topic:20991”]
Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they have a team working on the crappy port of Arkham Knight for PC during season 2?

Let’s not bring that up. It was probably two guys working for four hours for a pizza and beer.[quote=“BblackorchidD, post:8, topic:20991, full:true”]
But who actually did the trailer?
Must’ve been outsourced. It looks nothing like aesthetics in KI shadow lords cutscenes

I mean, Zelda and Mario don’t look anything alike either, but they’re both from Nintendo.

The trailer looks interesting. I generally prefer to see some actually gameplay before making any judgments.

It’s called extortion.
Comunity funded add on’s is called
coparate wellfare

Ultra LOL most trailers nowadays dont even
show actual game play.

My point about the outsourcing was, this was the type of trailer I was requesting for killer instinct since day one 'I remember saying most mobile games receive more development in cgi trailers than ki, and here it’s evident money was spent on the trailer alone with hi res graphics and scenes

And then at 2:07 you get to the smaller screen- in - screen game play box at the end of the commercial
and see the stiff jerky actual blotchy character swinging around and it’s night and day difference from the trailer.

I guess only I notice that

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