IOS sound bites for my iPad and iPhone

I requested in the forum right befor it was taken down if someone could make for me sound bites from Orchid for my notifications, timers, and alarms as well as ringtones.
I really love the 8 bit killer instinct as well. That’d be a kick ■■■ ringtone.

Does anyone know how to upload sounds for ringtones, or can anyone provide sound bites of all Orchids vocals plus the jaguar roars I think there are 3 different recordings for each action…

I definitely want her intro and winning vocals too.

'Target spotted…'
And he instinct call outs as well
Take ‘em down!
Take that!
Comin’ thru!
Ichi Ni San!
The grenade sound and explosion
The sabers sound when she’s twirling them like tommy lee
Firecat growls (3 different ones)
You’re through!
The shadow shockwaves
Shadow uppercut ‘buuuuuussstaaaaa’

No one knows of any ringtone makers?

Still, any luck- or suggestions

Nothing or anything …

The 8bit KI theme from the beginning of rashs theme is on Zedge. That’s the only thing you’re looking for that I’ve found.
Haven’t seen many Orchid sounds, just her themes from KI1 & 2.

Thanks- I was thinking there migh be an app that lets you capture your own sounds for notifications. I’d really love to customize my sounds with these.

If anyone knows of anything as such, please let me know

There is a trick for turning sound files into ringtones and alerts for iOS devices using iTunes on your PC. Google it. You’ll find instructions how to do so. It’s pretty easy.

Yes the new iPhones are announced today, I want to be ready!