Inviting users and accessibility suggestions

I just wanted to clarify a few points;
First, how do you invite a new user? Am I at the appropriate trust level to do that?

Second of all, would it be possible (for ease of use for those with screen readers) to have an option to enable headings for each reply? This would make it a lot easier to browse through new replies rather than having to constantly press and hold the down arrow until you get roughly to the point you think the new replies will be at…

Also, if you can, how do you send a private message to a user?

Thanks in advance for any help, if I think of any further questions,I’ll post here.

In order to send a user a private message, go to their profile page and there should be a “message” button on the top right, directly beneath the header where you search or check your notifications. Alternatively, if you are on desktop, you can click on the users name on a post they made and a little window pops up next to the name, the message button is there on the top right of that window as well. As for inviting users, sorry I’m not sure about that. If I find out, I’ll reply here again to let you know.