Interview with Storm posted on Eventhubs

Nice read. Apologies if it’s old news…


tfw you’re not special

“And special shout outs to ItzTymetoDul and TheNinjaOstrich, great guys who I play with a lot, and who’ve probably helped me level up more than they’ll ever know.”

lol I’m kidding, good interview.


This interview is great! It is good to see you became popular. :slight_smile:

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A nice read. Always nice, though, to see any other game be highlighted on Event Hubs outside of fairly often Street Fighter. Especially KI.

Just that last sentence alone hits me really hard in the feels.

I love this guy. :slight_smile:


That was a great final match he gave. I know he didn’t win, but he put up a good fight against Sleep’s ARIA. It was just a really good match to watch.

Glad he gave props to the forums in the interview, hopefully new people will wanna join up and get in on the action.

That’s a great read. Thanks for highlighting this for those of us who don’t frequent eventhubs.



Well we do. :3

Thanks a lot. I really didn’t mean to post this. But your kind words will inspire me to keep posting.


Well, if you hadn’t posted it, I wouldn’t have seen it. So thank you. It has inspired me more than you’ll ever know. :smiley:

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