Interview with Adam Isgreen on Season 3 and the Future of KI (YouTube link added!)

Shadow Kim Wu over the other 2 candidates please.


I hope Gargos, Eydol, Kim Wu, and Tusk all eventually get in this game. They are the only old characters missing so it would be cool to have everybody back. Then obviously Rash and another guest, which leaves 3 more spots for all new characters (assuming S3 is 9 characters)

“Ultimates not officially unconfirmed for season 3”

I know this isn’t much to go off of, but it only proves my point that you guys completely overreacted towards the statement in the Shago stream.

Everything else seems like small things to hope for and get excited about. I’m glad that there’s a lot of things IGS and MS are considering and that Glacius (and likely Cinder) will not be getting reworked.

Adam is asking the question now through Twitter in regards to a possible new Shadow character to be made available through any future Community Fund. Be sure to vote to get your voice heard. Link is here and in the OP.

Fantastic interview. Big thanks to LCD for coordinating.

Isgreen sounds so excited and confident about what they have in store for us that I can’t help but feel the hype.

Since tusk is now confirmed complete with retro can we open his character profile to discuss him

Shadow version/ variation of a KI girl?

Kim-Wu - She’s the keeper of the dragon spirit. The only power who can seal Gargos back at the dimension where he has been set as free from. Her body cannot receive the evil Omen shadow being because its already filled with the holy red dragon soul. Although she’s a brand new character. Doesn’t work would ruin the KI story. The same conflict between Jago and Gargos now on Kim? No.

Maya - She’s cute and already possessed by the power of the daggers. She’s from good alignment. How Omen would be interested on possessing her? What it would worth for? Maya is good as she is. No need to change anything.

Orchid - Sister of tiger warrior. Paranoid and unstable. A perfect pray for the shadow leech called Omen. The firecat kinda makes her similar to Jago in terms of the warrior animality. Perhaps she can be very easy to corrupt just for the fact of being Jago’s sister. Would be very nice to see Orchid with a new moveset through a shadow variation.

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Possibly get her lasaken back

so who are the 2 chars that get reworked because they are to easy to make things happen.

My bet is on Kan-Ra. He is a noob killer.

Not sure who is the 2nd one

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Plz create a Tusk section in Characters. Also, Shadow Orchid would probably be ideal for a 2nd Shadow Character. We know Jago and Orchid have a history back to KI1.

Great interview! Surprisingly I’m even more excited for S3 than I already was! I don’t have a Twitter but of the three females he mentioned, I think Shadow Orchid makes the most sense. Though it’s hard to debunk Kim Wu since we don’t know what she looks like, how she fights, or even her story. I look forward to future announcements! It’s interesting that the next guest character’s silhouette would be enough to identify them, so I’m really curious about that now. Anyway. Congrats on the kid Adam, and thanks for taking the time for this!

Season 3 will be a DX12 with Fast Semantics, Async, PBR?
Only Windows 10 = DirectX 12.

I would love to see Shadow Orchid.


What the interview did do was increase my hope that KI would become much larger scale game. Things that are gonna show from the get go. Looks like there’s more than 2 guests this season but he also didn’t say that 8 characters wasn’t the total coming. Interesting to see rashs accessories and confirmed that every character has 2 outfits.
I just want tusk now!!
Roll on March

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Thank you @CrazyLCD for bringing us the interview, I wish I knew about it live so I could get in a couple of questions, but everything I really wanted to know was well covered.
Now what I’ve gleaned from this is,

  1. I am now more sure than ever that Master Chief is a guest character. This is a personal opinion, feel free to debate it.
  2. There will probably be a hype trailer if not a character reveal at the World Cup.
  3. We can count out 5 of the cast not being reworked (Cinder, Aria, Glacius, Aganos and Shago). Of the remaining, I believe one will be Sadira. The other might be Maya but I’m not confident enough to be specific.
  4. Ultimates are still a possibility, though like Stage Ultras, might only be for some characters if not all.
  5. Dojo is definitely getting a rework, I loved that response the most.
  6. There may be another community fund later, and if that happens, I would vote for Stage Ultras and/or costumes.
  7. While towards the end he said guest characters in plural, I certainly don’t think it’ll be more than 2 including Rash.
  8. @TempusChaoti will now have to be known as Adam ‘uhhh stay tuned’ Isgreen :smile: (kidding! Don’t ban me :cry: )

Vampire is the MOST requested monster to be put in KI is what Adam says. There’s still hope :slight_smile:

maybe in stead of shadow character i think better bring back eyedol

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Tho still hoping for a Wendigo, that would be awesome!


here is a direct link from @CrazyLCD with the great @TempusChaoti


Hey @CrazyLCD, do you can add subtitles in this video? I’m deaf…