Interview with Adam Isgreen on Season 3 and the Future of KI (YouTube link added!)

Adam, @TempusChaoti, was kind enough to join @CrazyLCD after the Top 32 Killers Tournament to answer questions regarding the future of KI and what is to come! A great listen and well worth taking the time!


Here -

YouTube embedded link:

Adam is asking the question now through Twitter in regards to a possible new Shadow character to be made available through any future Community Fund. Be sure to vote to get your voice heard. Link is here:


Awesome! I’ll give it a listen for sure! :slight_smile:

…um, where is it? I don’t see it… :’(

I can’t make it embedded, have to do a direct link instead.

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Nice, I’ll give it a listen.

I can hear the foot steps of people running to this post already!

I will post a YouTube version later.


So, who wants to post the important information in this thread so i don;t have to go watching a video?

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Honestly, it’s well worth the listen. Just put it on in the background while you do whatever else.

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Yessir, it’s like background music. Was listening to this while playing KI.

Great job LCD!!!

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This really is worth listening to. It was a great interview.

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My favorite question is: “Will the dojo be reworked for Season 3?”

Adam answers: “Yes…”

This does discourage me from completing my dojo section of the community guide though. Even though I’m getting close to finishing it.

Great interview - you can tell hes desperate to talk about season 3 in all its glory but has to wait. Lots to get excited about, in fact an hour and a half interview and i only felt negativity instead of hype twice. Once with again the “rework” of 2 characters (wont change till i see end results) and the other the sheer lengths everyone is going to not even tease eyedol (dont think hes in S3 to be honest sadly).

Maybe make HIM the main community goal instead of say a Shadow Orchid?


If he’s not in Season 3, I’ll be floored. If he does become the community fund goal I’ll put $100 down with no questions asked.


Notable things IMO:
Eyedol is highly unlikely for Season 3.
Next guest character’s gender would give away too much about their identity.
Reworked characters are being Burfed as opposed to straight up nerfed or buffed.
Reworked characters are not Aganos, Glacius, and Shago (and probably not Aria, Cinder, or Hisako. since they’re too new.)
Multiple new mechanics will be introduced.
Character count may be something other than 9.
Ultimates are not officially unconfirmed for season 3.
They’re still unsure about whether 1080p will be possible.
Tusk says "dah!"
They would like to fix the season 1 retros but it’s at the bottom of the priority list. (except for Thunder, he’s never getting his.)
New dialogue for the characters is a possibility.
It also feels there is more than one guest besides Rash. He was talking about how people were going to react when they reveal who “the guest characters are.” Plural reveals.


I think I’d change your first “Reworked” to “Tweaked”, or add something stating the characters not getting reworked are possibly receiving tweaks.

Could you be more vague?

In no way was this post constructive or helpful towards the conversation. You’re just throwing pudding in the air. Why are you throwing the pudding?! Keep it to yourself unless there’s substance to it.

So what would we all like to see from a 2016 Killer Instinct Community Fund?

Personally, I’d like to see a few of the retro Season 1 costumes “cleaned up” a little bit.

Also Adam talked about another Shadow character, while this is very cool, I’d like maybe a new character entirely, or maybe IG/MS put up a poll on potential guest characters and the community votes and the winner gets in. Kind of like the Smash Ballot.

Exciting stuff, I cannot wait for the KI World Cup for more news.

Actually, I will jump in and hyper analyze some of Adam’s offhand comments (just doing my part!).

First, he confirmed that PC version will be locked at 60fps but resolution will be fully adjustable based on the machine’s power. People should like that.

One of the things LCD asked was if the X1 would see a resolution jump to 1080p. Adam responded that it would depend on how directx12 implementation went, but that they would only do it if didn’t sacrifice the fluidity and performance of the rest of the game.

He also said in another point that there was a lot of work being done in the engine. Probably referring to the fighting engine but could also refer to the Hex engine.

Based in earlier discussions of directX 12, and the fact that the engine would need to be specifically made to take advantage of it, I would take Adam’s comments to mean that this was actually being done for KI. Doubt the improvements will be astronomical and I think the game looks great as it is, but any improvement is always welcome. I should also say I don’t think that this would be happening if it wasn’t for the PC version - so that’s something the Xbox only crowd should add to the list of “ways the PC version helps KI.”

A couple of other things I noticed. Adam sad flat out (and I will paraphrase) “hey 2016 is a big year for fighting games. SFV is coming. We want S3 to make a big splash and a great first impression in people.” This is why they aren’t dribbling as much info to us as we might like. It’s easy to complain about the lack of info, but I always appreciate this kind of candor. I don’t think we can reasonably expect anything more in this day and age.

At one point he said releasing a profile (like in S2) for "some of the guest characters " would be too revealing. To me that sounds like more than two. Let the bickering commence about whether that’s good or bad.

Finally, congrats to @TempusChaoti on welcoming a new arrival to the family.