Interview w/Ken Lobb in GameInformer

If you guys are subscribed to this magazine from Gamestop, the newest issue contains an interview with Ken Lobb where he talks about the beginning of his career and some KI stuff. Interesting read.


what he say about the KI stuff?

Not a whole lot, but its a huge interview, about 4 pages or more.I read the whole thing over the weekend. Really interesting story. But what I found even better was the video on youtube telling his entire story. I believe its called KI history? It may even be on the Definitive edition bonus disc.

I saw it, I’m just waiting to hear what the future is for ki

Better yet what is in his future

I think he could be making a couple more awesome separate fighting games imo

It doesn’t have to just be ki

I’d love to see his fighting game expand what would he do with Mace the Dark Age or even Tao Feng

New stuff with KI fighting engine just as injustice has Mortal Kombat fighting engine

Let’s get a new fighter on the roster with the same combo system

I love killer instinct but’’

Killer monster instinct needs a new fresh brother in a game with new characters and backgrounds other than ultratech monsters