Interesting Rendition of Jago's Theme

Check it out. It’s different, but it works.


It is different. Not too sure I like it though. It is the lyrics. Too much Jago. I like the rest though.

That was awesome! Seriously, there REALLY needs to be more remixes of the 2013 themes.

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I do like the Bollywood take, it’s interesting to see different approaches of Jagos theme. Didn’t necessarily strike me as something I’d like but it is nice to see more covers.

Doesn’t sound like a Bollywood version but to me Jago’s regular theme comes close enough… not sure what Bollywood Metal is. Not quite to my liking, but some one else might. Still, good to see fan-made stuff like this.

Nah, I like the original theme better - this, to me, is just a bunch of noise…

…now get off my lawn! :older_man:

Perfect! Excellent! Awesome! Supreme Victory! I LIKE it! :smiley: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:

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I could see this track playing while Jago fights Kan-Ra. Definitely would’ve fit the tone of the Forbidden Archive.