Interesting KI Article

I came across this. As far as I’m aware, this hadn’t been posted, but according to Mike Willette of Double Helix, the 2013 game was meant to be a continuation from the prior games.
Rare Gamer | The History of Killer Instinct – Retro Gamer Interviews Chris Tilston, Kevin Bayliss & Mike Willette

A shame they hadn’t been allowed to continue. It makes me wonder how the game would have turned out had it been that DH hadn’t been bought out by Amazon, or what would have happened had it been that Iron Galaxy had developed Season One in the first place.


That’s a shame. Then again, who knows what would’ve of happned. Maybe somehow they bring back Riptor and Cinder who both died in the original series. Well cinder we know died Riptor on the other hand we don’t know. They said Combo had a Decisive victory, but that doesn’t exactly say whether or not she did.

I think it would have been possible to include both for a third one, Cinder especially, just because nothing indicated how he died other than his supposedly being slain by Glacius. Perhaps he tricked Ultratech and everyone else into thinking that he had.

I haven’t read the article yet, but it did indeed seem like Season 1 was meant to be a sequel and not a reboot.

Yeah but it looks like changes made.

Out of curiosity, should Microsoft do another entry in the series, should they do a full-on remake? Personally I wouldn’t object to such a thing.

Ewho knows what they will doo.

Whether it’s a reboot, remake or a sequel, I just hope that it’s a good, if not great game with none of that predatory microtransactions like with DOA.