Instinct resets

Did they get rid of instinct resets?

Instinct cancels are still in the game, unless you’re talking about Instinct Cancels after a Counter Breaker, which they did remove.

So can they still be used to get a free block in or no? Haven’t played much yet and don’t want to either attempt it myself or get mad that someone else was able to lol

I don’t fully understand your question, sorry!

Back in season 2 I believe if someone were to try to attack you you could activate instinct and you’d have enough time to block and not get hit

Yeah, that still works. Still get the screen freeze and KV reset, just can’t instinct cancel out of a breaker anymore.

I’m pretty certain what you meant to say here is: “…unless you’re talking about instinct cancels after a COMBO BREAKER, which they did remove.”