Instead of season 4 gold pack dlc?

After season 3 I think it would be better just have small dlc packs worth gold. For example shago accessories and omen accessories. Mira and rash stages. Maybe a retro for characters who were in ki1-2 with different outfits. It would make more sense in my opinion. Also if they fix anything In the game for the love of god fix retro jago sword clipping into his sash!!!

As i thought about this more this is what I would like to see:
STAGES. Ki gold
Mira stage : 1,500 g
Rash stage : 1,500
Played 7 stage : 1500
Player 8 stage : 1500
Retro stages : 1500 each
Shago accessories : 750
Omen accessories : 500
Orchid Joanna dark costume : 250
Fulgore master chief armor : 250
Saberwulf brute force costume : 250
Tusk Clayton carmine outfit : 250
Bonus character
Mollusca (the snail dude) 2,500

I’d like your idea but their is No way to get KI gold without paying for it where in that case they could just charge you actual money your idea would work if they made it where we can get KI gold for like completing story mode and completing daily challenges.

I think what would be good before another season or KI2 is to have them use the current cast and make a fully dynamic story mode… each character has their own story, ending with Shadow Lords events… I guess MKX like