Instead of another Shadow character, how about

Broccoli Aganos…

That could mean new customizations or a 3rd character option like classic. Or it could mean a straight up new character in a similar manner to Shadow Jago with a humorous design. Or if people would prefer, we get a new Aganos made up of all plant life rather than stone and base his moves on that, with broccoli as one of his Jokey customization options.

Make Broccoli happen.


Broccoli man can finally come to life. I love it.


Seems a bit inside-jokey to me. If they wanted to do a goofy bonus accessory for Aganos where he has broccoli heads on his shoulders and a broccoli stalk for a leg, that’d be cool. Maybe even have the announcer announce him as “Broccoli Man” but again, more as a bonus “pewps n giggles” type of dealy.

I think Mira as a shadow character would be pretty awesome, though she’d need new hair, maybe a mask of some sort and a new move set.

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I like the In-jokey thing. It would be something for the community, which honestly, makes up the people who would actually get involved with a funding event.

Besides, who says “Shadow” or “Evil” has to be the twist on a fighting game character? I say get more creative. Maybe Aganos tracks down the drained remains of one of his older Golem pals and gives it a boost. Then we can have an Aganos that builds its body out of something else. Hence the idea of a Swamp/Forest Aganos with a Broccoli costume. That said, I’d be content with it being in a brocolli garden and making a brocolli body… just for giggles.


This thread: LOL XD :laughing: :joy: Now while we’re at it, how about Pokemon accessory sets too particularly a Regigigas accessory set for Aganos? :wink:

Zigzagoon Sabrewulf color.
Mega Charizard X color for Riptor.

If we get an alligator character, give him a Krookadile color.

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Uhhh… Not sure what Pokemon has to do with Broccoli.

Feel free. I don’t mind.


By all means, do