Input display on both sides

Hi all.
So how can i use input display on both sides?
When i turn it on in options it only shows on my side. I saw some1 stream using it on both sides. Also when checking replays it was showing on both sides. There is any trick or im missing something?

It only shows your inputs during a match because otherwise it would be cheating. Being able to see what your opponent is inputting during the match would remove any difficulty from the breaker game.

It displays both in replays because that’s how the computer recreates the match.

Sorry i forgot to mention. I wasnt talking about versus matches. Was talking about training mode and replays. I cant see it on both sides on those situations.

Ah, I see.
Then I’m probably the wrong person to talk to. I don’t use input display often enough to tell you what to make of it. I apologize :frowning:

Bump. Anyone? It might be a game option. Can some1 help? Any Dev?

It’s a bug that’s been here for…what was it? The start of KI?

Input display showing on both sides in replays is a bug?

No not showing up on both sides.

So any ideas how to fix it?