Injustice 2 copying Ki?

So they just announced in injustice two every character will have their own custom stages. Some with day and night alternation which is sweet. Then a new mode where characters get gear in battle.

Copying KI? Uhm, no. Street Fighter (and other fighting games) used to have character-specific stages as well, so if anything, KI copied SF - and then Injustice did the same too. XD

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Pretty sure this has been a thing n fighters since like SF2

I wouldn’t say they’re copying KI…it is a feature that has been long gone in most fighters that KI brought back, but not every fighting game has ever used character-specific stages. Heck, MK never has had character specific stages.

Street Fighter has been doing for a long time.


…yeah, this is more like the thing every fighting game wants to do if it can muster up the budget to do so. Calling it “copying” just because KI has been the only fighting game this generation to manage it is maybe going a little far, and the very allegation carries a bit of a stigma, so I’d lay off of that.

Injustice 2 looks pretty cool, by-the-by.