Ingame store questions

Hi, iam looking for some info about s1/s2 accessories.


  • what should I do to unlock a set?


  • can i buy the retro costumes with ingame currency or real money/ki gold only?
    – what is the price for the retro costumes?


  • the accessories comes per set or in pieces?
    – what is the price for one set or piece?
  • how many sets per fighter?

greetings (and sorry for my bad english)

This is all from memory so it might not be %100 correct:

-You can level up your character and eventually unlock colors and accessory pieces

-You can buy KI gold with real money and buy accessory pieces and retros with the gold (Premium Accessories are only unlockable through KI gold or by having the corresponding Ultra pack)
-I don’t remember the exact price in KI gold but I think the 5 dollar pack of gold should get you 1 or 2 retros

-When you buy an Ultra pack you get all of the retros and premium sets to all of the characters of that season. You can’t buy the “set” as a bundle but with enough KI gold you can buy all of the pieces of the set altogether.
-I think you can buy 3 or 4 pieces of accessories with the 5 dollar pack of KI gold
-Each fighter has 2 sets of accessories, about 2 altenate colors for each piece and a premium set (you can also mix and match with all pieces)

Hope this answers you’re questions

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Great help, thank you :wink: