In-game commentary? Or post match analysis?

As an optional audio feature, I would like to see something like match commentary based on how a match plays out. The game is already tracking every move (manuals, doubles, overhead, ender, kv blowout,…) . Based on these stats:

  • do some real time in-game commentary if possible on top of the announcer voice (can be turned off of course), or
  • maybe post match commentary in a replay as a match analysis?

For in-game, I am thinking where the game has a commentator who says things like “didn’t break the heavy manual this time”, “jump in was blocked”, “nice reaction to the combo break”, “can he cash out…?”, “noooo, dropped the combo”, etc… I don’t think it’s like Fifa, or Mlb, nfl games where literally so many scenarios can occur.

For post match, it will be more the analysis type of commentary, rather than on screen action, using all match statistics. “the Omen player used relatively many ADs”, “the first round was shooto heaven with 50 plus fireballs”, sorry for the poor examples but hope you get the point.

Has this been done before?

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I don’t know if this is possible in-game… but I do think Sajam/Steeeeeve should start a business selling match commentary for people’s uploads.

I’m sure this could be done, based on all the sports games that do it. But it would require a ton of effort to record all the dialogue and it would go by so fast that it might not work all that well. And I just don’t know how much processor time is lying around for them to use for something like this.

Still, it would be fun to see.

Very good points.

You know, it seems like they tried this kind of thing with USF4 to a certain degree… the announcer will comment on combos and Ultras and finishes and the like, or will comment when next to no buttons are being pressed, so on and so forth. I like it to an extent, but I think the entertainment value in this approach is short of shelf life.

No question. How many people turn off the commentary in sports games after a while because it’s too repetitive? In real sports, your team plays once a week. In videogames you might play 10 in an afternoon. There’s only so many times you want to hear “bam! what a hit!”

In a fighting game, you might play 20-60 matches in an hour. That’s a lot of “Holy @#@$ look at that combo!” Admitting that it’s still a cool idea, it would probably get old fast.

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For sure.

Just for the sake of fantasizing i would use commentary and commentators from the KI scene.
And yeah, maybe post-game replay analysis is more viable than realtime. It then becomes less of a necessity to be hype with post-game analysis more as a learning tool than a hype tool.

And I would reuse dialogue from evo footage, other tourneys. To keep it fresh, not one or two but three or four guys’ audio. Everybody hates repetitive, loud commentary so avoiding that would be a guiding design principle.

Maybe a better idea than in match commentary would be to have the ability to add it to replays or clips of the game for sharing?

Yes, that would indeed be neat.

Again, priorities are totally different but some innovation here and there in the presentation wouldn’t hurt.

I’m in complete agreement actually. I am hugely supportive of the dev team and I totally get that they are making difficult choices about what to do with a limited time and budget. But at some point, the “extras” add a lot to people’s appreciation of the game. Is KI going to fail without all of the special tower modes, Halloween pumpkins and candy corn they put in MK? No, of course not. But the game can’t stay “no frills” forever if it’s going to compete.

I’m sure they feel the same way. I hope they get a chance to put in some cool things.

As for adding commentary to replays, I would only allow pre-recorded audio snippets (of KI commentators) rather your own. Just for quality purposes.

Basically you can choose the comment in a replay editor and decide at what frame of the clip you want to add it. Comments should also have restrictions (have to be five to six seconds apart, two comments per combo, be related to the on-screen move, …)