In a Gargos Mirror match with minions

IDK about you guys but I think a fun game of Minion Catch or Minion Dodge ball is in order. Just the idea of it tickles me.

What do you guys think? lol.


I would like to play a set with someone like that! Hilarious idea!

This is on par with a Rash mirror match when both players touch tongues :frog:


Can Rash eat the minions when they are tossed by Gargos?

@TheKeits, can you confirm this awesome scenario?

Also, if Gargos eats them gets instinct, should Rash get instinct too? /kappa

Rash should really be able to eat the minions since they are a projectile.

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It would look really weird and I think he might whiff them… not sure though…

Idk it would be pretty funny for him to just eat them up, you could use the opportunity as gargos to punish them during recovery.

Keits confirmed that Rash cannot eat the minions


True but he should. I hope this changes in the future.

It would be funny to see, but I dunno… seems more reasonavle not to… maybe one day, when we get the Rash “Lady and the Tramp” situation @Delriach really wants :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, make him beat the minions like everyone else.