Image Tearing on there a fix?

I seem to get really bad image tearing that starts about 5 minutes into gameplay. Alt tabbing fixes it for a while but it just ends up coming back.
Is there anyway to fix this? Ive already tried forcing it in the nvidia control panel.
Was about to buy this game but I think Ill hold off until I can find a fix for this or a patch resolves it.

Running on a 970 and 60hz monitor.

it happens to me but it’s not evey 5 mins for me it does it about every 20 mins are so

Man the vysnc in this game is so weird. Using Riva Tuner Stat Server seemed to fix it for like an hour or so, but then after a while it would randomly start tearing. Alt-tabbing sometimes fixed it, bringing up the pause menu fixes it sometimes.

Im really digging the game based off the Dojo mode but I think Ill wait until the first patch before purchasing it.