Im worried that S3 wont have the uniqueness of S2

Im sure every character in s3 will be great and uniqueness isn’t probably even the right word to describe what I mean. Unexpected is probably a better choice.

Now we know 3 characters are coming back (gargos, tusk and kim wu). No surprises here.

Assuming that there will be 3 guests yeah they can surprise us initiatilly but we know the characters already we just don’t know that they are gonna be in KI.

Then there is a S2 sibling which again we don’t know nothing about but we already know kinda what to expect.

Assuming the season will have 8 characters there is only 1 left and my concern is that they are gonna go with the most popular among the community which im not against but if it is the vampire its no surprise at all.

Im not hating, I will love season 3s characters if they are the above but its gonna be missing something IMO. Also its based on ASSUMPTIONS, don’t come with “oh but we dont know that for sure”. Trying to discuss an hypothesis and not a fact.

My point is that there is no really big surprises like was a ghost ever suggested? Or a golem? Those were big surprises to me and sorry if im wrong that’s not what the community will ask for but it is maybe what they want without knowing.

I hope you get my point.

Sorry but where was Gargos 100% confirmed? I know we have a lot of hints of him being in Season 3 but I haven’t seen him absolutely confirmed yet.

Anyways, as far as I’m concerned for characters (I’m more concerned for stages actually) I’m done with guests and I don’t see a point for having another Shadow Character. We’ve seen a lot of great concepts of characters and it would be a shame if they traded originality for guests or shadows.

Lots of assumptions as you said. We don’t even know that there will be 3 guests and vampire is pure guess just because its been requested a lot(it would be cool though imo).

I’m just holding all judgements until I know all the facts, but already feel this season will be very different with flip out and juggles alone. Can’t wait to see what else is coming!

True that he hasn’t been confirmed but does anyone doubt it? and even if not that would leave room for one really new and surprising character and then i would hope it isn’t Shorchid.

That’s what I meant. Everyone is so sure about Gargos even if he hasn’t been confirmed yet (even I, a little). In the light of the new news, I prefer to not assume a lot what will be in season 3. I rather assume what is likely not to be. I think it will make me less disappointed if I’m wrong. lol

From my understanding, Gargos has been confirmed to be IN Season 3, but nowhere has he been confirmed to be playable. The connections and essentially his having appeared in Season 2’s Story mode pretty much seal the deal in my mind, but I have a vague memory (but no links) of Keits or Adam confirming Gargos is going to be a part of the season.

If’ he’s going to be the biggest bad of the entire KI storyline, I would actually probably embrace having him as an “unbalanced, overpowered” and unplayable boss - because he’s this ancient, incomprehensible Shadow Lord, and it makes sense that the player wouldn’t understand how to fight him as well as a character intended to be playable.

There’s plenty of room for brand new characters, we just need to wait until next week to find out lots of (if not all) the information about the new Season…

There was a quote I wanted to pull out but I’ve misplaced it. Basically it’s IG stating that they don’t understand the point in having character with a move set not being playable and a waste of development time.

Therefore, I’d be incredibly surprised to have Gargos in the game, but not playable.


Sounds familiar to me as well. Something like that was said a long time ago.

All the mentions in S2 AND the mention in Kim Wu’s trailer make it all but confirmed.

They could defeat him in some way before he gets out of the portal. Not cool but possible.

That would be a terrible decision story-wise. All the build-up has been about this all-powerful being who terrifies people and then it turns out they beat him before he ever got there? Nope.

I’m not worried at all. Not even in the slightest. IG gave us a taste of S3 w Shago, Rash, and Kim Wu. I think these chars are pretty dang unique if you ask me.

IG hit S2 out of the park and after playing S3 demo at KI World Kup, I have to say the game has only gotten better.

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I hope that presentation is the focus of S3. Due to budget and whatnot, this aspect always seemed to suffer when choices needed to be made. Maybe, just maybe, I will see all characters in a different light now… …eh pun not intended but I’ll take it anyway.

I am personally more worried about gameplay side. So far KI did great job to ensure that playstyle of every character is unique or at least distinguishable. I hope the trend stays even though it’s harder to uphold when there are more characters in the game.

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The fact there are only 3 stages I wouldn’t expect new totally original characters like the ones introduced in season 2. Tbh I am more interested in seeing new original characters over returnees and even guests (to some extent). Eagle and Maya’s sister make sense because they can stage share with Maya and Thunder. Gargos and his 1 or 2 henchmen could stage share (or as some have said because he came through the portal doesn’t need his own stage).

looks alot like click bait

I think we can assume a lot of things about season 3, but in all honesty, we really only know a small amount of what will be in it.

Kim Wu looks really fun and so does Rash. The changes to existing characters are all fantastic for the most part.

It’s easy to see three arenas and think we’ll get less content elsewhere or list out the likely characters, but as apprehensive as some of us might be after the bad news, we know that good things are coming, and until we find out what’s actually being offered, it might be a good idea to remember what the people at IG are capable of based on what they’ve done.

I’m sure they’ve still got a ton of stuff to surprise us with given how little we know at this point.

ok. If you say so

Like I said I dont doubt that all will be fun to play and I wasn’t even talking about gameplay in the first place but character design. And im not saying they arent good, just that they aren’t surprising since we know already what to expect.

This doesn’t make ANY sense whatsoever. All the characters still to be revealed (minus Gargos, potentially) will be BRAND NEW characters who we know nothing about; we haven’t seen concept art or designs of any sort, but somehow we “already know what to expect?”

For all we know it’s a bigger season than we’ve ever had, with a whole ton of awesome new characters we can’t even imagine right now. Wait until next week, because this “sky is falling” downtalk of the game right before a season and with the little knowledge we currently have is absolutely ridiculous.

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