I'm tired of poor sports

Many players who have lost to me in exhibition several times, have complained or raged that I keep using the same moves, that my Shatter is unblock able, throw too much, etc. Instead of thinking too much about my moves, why not figure out what you can do to avoid my moves or counter? If I’m throwing too much then get ready to counter throw, if I’m using a lot of shatter, jump or dash. If I’m using the same moves you should stop doing the same moves that aren’t working against mine instead of being a poor sport who isn’t improving. I usually send a message with this kind of advice wheh some poor sport sends me hate messages. Poor sports is what ruins the game for me. Sure I’ll rage if I’m getting my butt beat from a frustrating fighter , but I won’t blame my opponent for how he beat me. I blame myself.

Btw teabagging hurts my feelings

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Don’t let others get you down. Some people would rather complain than put the time in to actually practice and learn.

There’s nothing you can do to help those people. Just forget them and move on.

If you need to fight some nice people, go to the GGs thread.


Look, as a Sadira main, I hear this stuff all the time. Just don’t sweat it. Don’t let them get under your skin. If you are frustrating somebody, you are doing your job. If they start to badger you, just focus on the fight. Don’t let their banter throw you off your game. I actually had that happen to me with this “1 Star” player who was using Rash. I handedly won the first match and he went on a rant about how trashy I was and that I sucked big time. He barely won the second match, but only due to the fact that the match itself “magically” lagged out during a crucial combo. (For the record, he didn’t lag the match, it just so happened to start lagging near the end of our second match). His constant rucus though began to wear on my nerves, especially after losing a match due to a missed combo because of lag. During our third match, I was seeing red and not focusing. He succeeded in getting under my skin and won the match. No sooner did he win, his attitude towards me changed immediately. He became very polite and congradulated me on a fight well fought.

If needs be, mute them. Mute everyone, unless they are friends. Just focus on the fight.

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I do the same thing! I constantly tell them, “you didn’t win because of you; you won because of ME!” :rolling_eyes:

Seriously, what is better in online games than getting hate mail and seeing someone rage quit because of you?

Me and my Kan-Ra went to the dark side a long time ago and nothing makes our rotten heart happier than experiencing the short moment when our opponent stops moving, the game starts to lag and we get the ultimate winning message: Your opponent left the game. Who needs awesome, supreme or perfect wins? The rage quit is our ultimate goal and the hate mail shortly after our proof of absolute surperiority.


I feel the same way. Not only did you win the match but you literally beat your opponent into submission.

If you wanna see some bad RQing go play some SFV ranked that games on a whole nother level