I'm surprised this happened, but I can now say that

updated OP to include footage
I’ve beaten Boss Shadow Jago. Not as my main, but as Jago. It took numerous attempts, but I’ve finally done it.

You can watch the 30+ match struggle and eventual defeat of Boss Shago at this link:
Jago Season 1 Story Mode: Boss Shadow Jago Battles


Voice recording? or no? I want to hear the salt levels…

No, unfortunately. I wouldn’t be able to sync it up even if I did have it (not in a timely manner anyway). Footage won’t come for another day at least, as I wanted to try and put all the fights up there if I can as I believe I have every single one on record).
I wasn’t actually that salty really, not compared to the levels I sometimes reach in ranked :smiley:
I’m looking forward to trying to do it again, at least I don’t have to get a perfect now, I don’t think (when Max did it, I believe he had to get a perfect before the conditions changed in S2/3).




Good job! Was tough enough can’t imagine how stressful it had to be.

Congratulations @SightlessKombat! Glad you joined the club man. I can only imagine how frustrating it was with Jago. I’ve only ever been able to do it with Thunder, though I’ve not really tried with anyone else, but even with his shadow Call of the Earth, punishing him and getting good damage is difficult.

Well it wasn’t too bad. I must admit I was trying to look up tips whilst fighting him (when in the rematch screen), some of which helped me (like using the DP occasionally and then going from there and also hsing croutching light kick a large amount). I might do a Fulgore run, but I’m not sure. As I said in the OP, you’ll see the footage when it has the time to upload - the current file I have for it is 4.09 gb, awaiting quality checks where possible.

Thanks for the congratulations as well. Who knows. Maybe I learnt something from our Jago mirrors we had a while ago.

Also, the trick is to look for the shadow moves. If he does several in a combo, chances are, even if you don’t break one, you’ll get the chance to break another. That and both his main shadows seem to be a low/mid so you can get away with blocking low for large amounts of the time and trying to punish him.

I only wish we could do that battle with S2/3 chars and as an optional battle from the main menu once you’ve done it once maybe?

Looking back on the fights, it wasn’t that hard - I made some mistakes in the first several rounds with him, but eventually, I realised that shadow breaking is the way forward. That and I don’t believe you have to get a perfect on a character either, just not lose, get 2 ultras and ultra the rival (and that might be it).

Supreme victories are a condition though, IIRC.

They probably are. Wouldn’t be surprised.

Congrats on that! I had to use Jago as well when facing him. When I first started KI I mained Glacius and that is NOT a fight that goes in his favor. Well at least not with me playing him. But then rocked him first try as Jago.

Wow, first try? Much respect to you on that

Noob question, but what is Boss Shadow Jago?

I appreciate it but as I said. This was only after failing with glacius SUPER hard for like 2 hours. So i knew what I needed to do I just couldn’t make glacius do those things. I could make that happen with Jago though. Without all those fails I never would have gotten him first try with another character.

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If you go through season 1 story mode fulfilling the conditions mentioned above, as they changed during season 2/3, if you have all 3 endings unlocked as well for your character of choice, you will skip Fulgore’s fight and get the opportunity to fight an extremely cheap version of Shadow Jago from Season 1.

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oh well that gives motivation to actually play story mode, then

Hmm ok thanks. Will try it.

Bump as I updated the OP to include the footage.