I'm sorry

If at any point I seemed disrespectful. It was never my intention to hurt anyone here.
In my real life I also have problems with my temperament.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just discussions involving a game.
I do not know you, there’s no way I can love or hate anyone.

Sorry again.


I understand. I can’t speak for everyone on the form, but real life events can affect how you behave on the internet.

It’s happened to me many, many times.

I forgive you.

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You’re fine. We all get salty at times, especially after losing to the likes of Rash or Cheatgos… er Gargos.

A good rule of thumb is to ALWAYS wait until you’ve calmed down before posting something. One, you’ll think more logical and two, your posts will sound far less salty and will usually get better responses.

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No problem at all, man. Anger can get the best of any of us, regardless of the topic.

It’s all good.

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Eh any thread is allowed in off-topic.


References to Myspace culture is also allowed, as obnoxious as it is.

Didn’t get it

Word of advice, dont mistreat
somebody then tell them your
sorry, its rude, even if you mean well.

Just dont be a ________ or a __________
And stop bieng a ___________and we will
love you for it.

What I do when I get really really
salty, and start looking at my girl
side-ways is punch myself in the face.

Works every time.

It’s all good man, no harm done. :slight_smile:

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I made this thread cose every single topic im in turns into a fight.
Im just clarifying that is not personal, and i don’t want to hurt anybody.

Thats it.

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No problem and you’re totally good and fine there too man :slight_smile:

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To be honest, up until this point every post of yours I read, I brushed off as just another hater with no reasonable arguments. A lot of us have temperament problems, including me… i just try to be a lot more diplomatic on these forums because I like the people here and the discussions that can start if we stop arguing about little things are effing LEGENDARY. I have my own opinions about the game but I also have to realize that not everything may be true or right, several people on these forums are way more knowledgeable. I’m not saying accept everything, just that if people are telling you that you’re mistaken, it might be worth looking into.

Nice of you to post the thread man. I wish for more reasonable discussions between us in the future :thumbsup:

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