Im in Probation

Now i dont usually complain about my beloved game but guys plz. Im was trying to master my brother Eagle and my game crashed about 6-8 times before I realized it was Eagle who was crashing the game. So I suspended him for now. Now I lost a entire rank because of it because its fine, you normally lose a rank or so while learning a character in Ranked. Though my lost was credited to the crashing which the game told me is my fault.

Now today maybe it stacked but theres been alot of lag and match dropping today and my game hasnt once told me it was my fault for disconnecting like it did with Eagle. Yet now Im in Probation…so other peoples bad connections today puts me in Probation? How do I get out?

It’s all Eagle’s fault, both your crashes and the opponent disconnects.

A hotfix is coming in soon.

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You simply wait until the end of the month. All that happens is you won’t get free points for disconnects until your probation ends. That’s about it.

Eagle did nothing wrong


Neither did Kan-ra. :wink:


I use to play so much Megaman so its hella impossible for me to not hold down HP with Eagle. :flushed: