I'm happy to see that the forums seems to be more popular than ever since I took my break

I’m not trying to be pretentious or anything. I’m just a nobody that took a break from the game and the community for a couple of months. I’m not surprised that the community is alive and kicking. But i am surprised that most of the trolls have left and that the aggressive behavior has lessened.

I’m just here to say I’m happy to lurk around here again. I played Omen and Cinder for a couple hours in ranked and it felt great! Overwatch, BF1, Witcher 3, and XCOM 2 can’t fill the KI void in my heart.

Sorry, it’s kind of a ■■■■ post. BTW, I’m about to pop my tournament cherry and attend Youmacon 2016 in downtown Detroit. If you’re in the area come on by.


Welcome back!

I’ll be rooting for you.

Well, the line for the convention is stupid long so. Going to miss the tournament lmao!!!

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When is it?

It might be over now. It started at 12pm EST.

Welcome back! Aggression comes and goes around here. I’ve always found it to be a pretty positive place overall, certainly more so than most other sites I’ve been to, but that’s just me.

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