I'm done with KI

This game has made a turn for the worst, how i wish DH would still be the developer of this game. How IG has ruined the game just to turn it into a glitch fest, bug infested broken game is beyond me.

The game does not respond to proper command and even fails to link auto doubles at some times, how is i that a game does a fire ball instead of a tiger furry and not to mention that an opener with a fierce kick finishes right away.

Playing this game is like playing glitch fighter, and it’s stressful to know that i’m loosing matches just cause the game fails to read a proper command.

Done with this game and will NOT be spending any money on this milked franchise.


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[quote=“Ravenzorel001, post:1, topic:12797”]this milked franchise[/quote]KI is anything but milked.

We request content and the small dev team can’t keep up with the demand.


As if it wasn’t even more broken in the DH days…
Well, goodbye then!




Don’t feed the troll!

I think this is the first time I’ve seen outright trolling in these forums.

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Nah, if I were feeding the troll I would say it sounds more like beginner issues than glitches. Either that or the tabs on his dpad may be worn down to where their not registering diagonal down directions properly. In fact the dpad issue would most definitely cause some of the issues the OP is having.

I find the game plays rather well, to be honest. Try this… Make sure Combo Assist is turned off. Try your inputs again.

Secondly it could be a defective controller. Every time I start having input issues, it has less to do with the game versus my controller.

Thirdly… Check net connections. If the matches are super laggy inputs won’t register right.

… have you played a Street Fighter game? Getting fireball/DP inputs mixed up in the clutch is uhhhhh actually pretty common.

Salty! ( cit. )

Just practice dude. Do a few laps of the training stage a few times doing DPs of various strengths. And turn on inputs so you can see where you are going wrong. It might actually be your controller.

Think we can go ahead and lock this thread @xSkeletalx


I honestly think this could be OP’s issue. I noticed I was having similar issues when I tried using the dpad rather than the analog stick to play this game. A lot of qfc moves just not coming out at all and many dropped combos do to this because of linkers. DP motions came out 100% though.

I know exactly why you are getting a fireball instead of the DP. You are not stopping at the diagnal position. You are doing forward into QCF. For some people the DP motion is one of the hardest to get down, and even harder to do on command in a pinch.

On a side note, if I had a nickel for everytime I heard IG sucks and DH should still make it I would be able to buy Microsoft. :slight_smile:



Probably have combo assist on and your holding forward when doing a hvy auto double, therefore getting the ender immediately? lol


Git Gud.

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Just as a note, this is a pretty standard way to do a DP. No modern games that I’m aware of enforce that your shoryu motion stop at the down-forward diagonal.

To OP, check your inputs and whether or not Combo Assist is on.

Did you really even play Season 1, did you?

Played Season 1 in patch 1.10 yesterday, yeah… I don’t understand the complaints of how DH did a better job or how Iron Galaxy is bad at the balances.


check the controller also. mine was broken and i hadnt realized it yet before i swapped to arcade stick. i saw my losses pile up through the roof it was ridiculous. i thought “how the fuckk did i get so bad and everyone so good?” one night, i switched controllers…and then i was killing everyone again, until i broke that one too. if its internet latency issue, dont play on wireless. get yourself a cat-5 cable, couple RJ-45s, and put it together (or buy one) with direct connection to your modem/router