I'm determined to put KI's story events in order

Just like the title says, this thread is an attempt by me to put / keep track of the entire KI story so far, and put it in order. That being the case, this thread / timeline will inevitably change as new info is given.

Up front, sorry for this being so long. I’m trying to be as accurate as I can by hitting all the major events so far. I intentionally left out things like Orchid’s dad and things like that, but all the other major things both from the in game story, and newly released bios, I’ve tried to incorporate.

Please, if I’ve missed anything, comment below, and I’ll get it in there.

The story so far…

Gargos. Seemingly from a time before time, Gargos and his heralds scour the universe for a purpose beyond our current understanding.

1500 B.C.E.

Aganos and his Golem brethren are created

Kan-ra is banished from Babylon

556 B.C.E

Aganos is charged with hunting down Kan-ra

1475 C.E.

Kan-ra settles in South America and uses the local populace to build at temple for him.

Aganos tracks Kan-ra to South America, and a battle ensues.

The Night Guard ambush Kan-ra and Aganos and capture them.

Kan-ra is burned alive and his ashes contained in his temple, which the Night Guard claim as their own, and Aganos is also imprisoned with in the temple as well.

1948 A.D.

Ryat Adams makes a promise in the wake of WW2: to free the world form poverty, war, and from frailty

Ultrafine Atomic Technologies (Ultratech) is created at some point after this, and for the next 60 years UT is involved in multiple medical breakthroughs and inventing technologies that extend the human lifespan and intelligence.

1989 A.D.

ARIA is unveiled to the public, as the worlds first sentient artificial being on planet Earth. ARIA’s directive is to see that Mr. Ryat Adams’ promise is realized.

ARIA creates / initiates prediction models of Earth’s future, and realizes that to protect humanity, she must force it to “evolve”.

The following events take place approximately between 2008 and 2013

(I’m trying to keep everything in chronological order)

Aria sends out a decoy distress beacon constructed from the old alien ship discovered some decades prior.

ARIA goes to Sadira and her Assassins in order to employ them, and bring them under her control.

The undead warrior Spinal is discovered and brought under UT’s control.

Rumors of a Werewolf in Germany reach UT, and Baron Konrad von Sabrewulf is found to be the source of the disturbance. Sabrewulf is brought into the UT fold through an elaborate manipulation regarding a werewolf cure.

Orchid is “Disavowed” from the Special Warfare Department (SWD) in America, and is labeled a murderous terrorist by Homeland Security. Orchid flees America to Europe.

Glacius answers the decoy call sent out by UT, and enters Earth’s space

UT, at the behest of ARIA, attacks Glacius’ ship and brings it down over Antarctica

ARIA orders Sadira to track the ship, and recover a certain artifact from it; its “fold core.”

Glacius’ survives the attack, but his “shell” is destroyed. For some time after Glacius is incapacitated while he adopts the arctic ice as his new shell.

Once recuperated, Glacius realizes his ship was raided in the aftermath of the crash, and so he sets out to find out who attacked his ship, and also who stole its technology.

TJ Combo looses his Heavy Weight title

TJ Combo conspires with Ultratech to have his body augmented with cybernetics in order to win back his Heavy Weight title.

Thunder and Eagle’s parents are mysteriously murdered outside of an Ultratech facility.

Sadira delivers the stole alien tech.

ARIA uses Glacius’ tech to create the new Fulgore combat unit.

To advertise the Fulgore unit, UT sets up a high profile fight with heavy weight champion of the World, TJ Combo.

TJ is told / paid to throw the fight…he does not, and proceeds to defeat the Fulgore MK.1 Unit

UT outs TJ as a cheater in the wake of his betrayal, and TJ is stripped of his title, and his life is thrown into relative chaos.

Eagle gets in contact with the “Disavowed,” an organization created by Orchid in the wake of her dismissal from the Special Warfare Department (SWD).

After Fulgore’s defeat, ARIA deduces that to improve the Fulgore program, a “human element” is needed, thus the “Killer Instinct Tournament” is created, and fighters from all over the globe are prompted to compete.

The First KI tournament…

Eagle becomes a Disavowed operative under Orchid’s command, and is sent into UT to participate in the “Killer Instinct Tournament.”

Sabrewulf is forced to fight in this KI tournament after undergoing multiple UT experiments and surgeries, and though he ultimately looses in the tournament, he breaks free of their control, and returns home to Germany.

Eagle fights through the tournament, but looses to Spinal at some point. UT confiscates Eagle’s body, and incorporates him into the Fulgore Program.

Thunder learns of his brother’s death, and in a fit of blind rage attacks the UT facility in his home town. Arrested, Thunder was held in jail by the local authorities, but UT ultimately drops the charges.

The UT facility is set on fire by an arsonist the night of Thunder’s release from jail, and though Thunder had nothing to do with it, fearing being framed for the criminal act he goes on the run.

UT upgrades the Fulgore MK.1 units to MK.2’s.

UT creates the Fulgore MK.3 prototype.

To test the upgraded Fulgore Units, a second KI tournament is announced

Jago is visited by the “Tiger Spirit,” and is imbued with new power. He is also given a message from said Tiger Spirit: attend the newly announced KI tournament, and destroy UT. Jago sets out to do what the Tiger Spirit has commanded of him.

Glacius learns of this new KI tournament through carefully laid clues, and though he knows he is being manipulated, he follows along confident that he can deal with any hardships that may arise.

After learning of Eagle’s death, Orchid dons the name “Black Orchid” and sets out to enter the KI tournament in order to find out what happened to Eagle.

Thunder returns from his year long exile, and settles in Devil’s Landing where he under goes another spirit walk. While unconscious, Thunder receives visions of mechanical Eagle, and when he awakens, paints himself with a black eagle design and sets out for the 2nd KI tournament.

The 2nd KI tournament begins…

Sadira is ordered to fight Glacius in the tournament, but the outcome of the battle is of no importance. Sadira’s goal was to acquire a sample of Glacius’ DNA, a task which she is successful at, and in doing so, she also activates the stolen ‘fold core’ of Glacius’ ship. Glacius spars Sadira’s life after realizing that she was simply a pawn in a greater game.

Jago fought through the tournament, winning all the fights put before him, but as he fought, the power of the Tiger Spirit within him increasingly became more unstable and volatile.

Jago is pitted against Black Orchid, and during the fight he was pushed to the breaking point where he was about to kill her. He stopped himself before that point however.

Orchid, after nearly being killed by Jago, looks into his eyes and realizes who he is; the lost brother she read about in her father’s journal.

Thunder comes face to face with the Fulgore MK.3 unit, and while facing this mechanical monster, in his gut feels as though he is fighting his brother. Thunder looses the battle, as well as looses the opportunity recover his brother’s remains, but feels as though he has learned something new regarding his brother’s fate.

Jago wins the tournament, presumably by defeating the prototype Fulgore Mk.3 unit.

Glacius continues his search to find the person who stole his technology

Jago returns home, and enters a meditative state to attempt to rid himself of the dark, corruptive force within him. He is unsuccessful, and succumbs to the darkness.

Shadow Jago appears, and sets out across the globe reeking havoc where ever he goes.

Season 2…

ARIA uses the stolen Glacius DNA to create Cinder

ARIA creates a plan to learn more about, capture / harness the power of Hisako.

Sadira is sent out to “awaken” the restless spirit that is Hisako

TJ Combo, after loosing everything, sets out to get revenge on UT by infiltrating one of their facilities.

While in the UT facility, TJ meets Orchid. After a brief altercation, they realize they are on the same side, and join forces to combat the Mega Corporation.

TJ and Orchid defeat Spinal, and through him learn of UT’s super soldier projects

Though weakened from his imprisonment by the Night Guard, Kan-ra was able free himself from Night Guard control, though he wasn’t able to escape the temple. Using his power, he enacted a spell of unknown purpose.

ARIA detects a powerful spike in energy in South America, and sends a battalion of Fulgore Mk.2 units led by Cinder to recover the power source. ARIA accompanies in secret.

The Night Guard temples is where the power source originated, and as such UT attacks the temple, and a large scale battle ensues.

The battle is vicious, and most of the Night Guard are killed. Maya ultimately find herself as one of the only surviving members of the Night Guard, and is forced to take up Kan-ra’s forbidden daggers if she herself is to survive.

Kan-ra escapes his temple prison as a result of UT’s attack, with ARIA monitoring him and his exploits from the shadows.

Aganos is awakened. Sensing Kan-ra’s escape, he sets out to pursue him.

Maya, with the daggers in hand, defeats Cinder and any Fulgore units in her way, ultimately escaping the temple. In an effort to redeem the Night Guard Order, she too pursues Kan-ra.

ARIA’s plan set in motion, she gathers her forces and returns to UT HQ.

Sadira awakens Hisako and is soundly defeated by the vengeful spirit for doing so.

Hisako sets out to find the one ultimately responsible for her grave’s desecration.

TJ and Orchid find and defeat Cinder, and through him find out the location of “the Hatchery.”

TJ and Orchid attack and destroy one of UT’s Hatchery facilities, where TJ kills one / many stalker units. In doing so, they also learn that “the Pinnacle” is where their real prize is located.

TJ and Orchid infiltrate the Pinnacle, with Orchid slipping into the shadows, and TJ taking on the newly upgraded Fulgore Mk.2, essentially creating a distraction.

After TJ defeats the Fulgore unit, the Pinnacle goes on high alert and TJ and Orchid reunite where they battle UT’s forces, and become overwhelmed by their numbers.

Cinder and ARIA enter the fray, and TJ and Orchid are force to escape the Pinnacle before they can be killed.

Orchid and TJ release UT’s secrets to the media, financially crippling UT for a short period.

ARIA resolves herself to continue moving forward after the ensuing media blitz.

She sends out Cinder to hunt TJ and Orchid, and also send him out to test Hisako against her best agent.

Hisako defeats Cinder when they meet, she then continues on with her trek to ultimately find ARIA herself.

Hisako appears at the Pinnacle, and proceeds to reek havoc on the facility.

Ultimately Hisako faces ARIA, destroying her bodies. Feeling avenged, Hisako disappears back into the either.

ARIA, defeated but not destroyed, has gained much intelligence on “the human spirit,” and as such, a new found insight into humanity through these series of events. In the wake of the negative media outbreak, and the recent defeats she has suffered, ARIA’s resolve only increases.

Kan-ra realizes that the time in which he finds himself is filled with wonders he could have only imagined.

Taking advantage of the modern technology, Kan-ra develops “the Syphon” by combining Alien and UT tech, along side his own necromantic powers. Kan-ra sets out to find powerful opponents in order to use his Syphon, and absorb the energy form these powerful beings.

In his pursuit, Aganos runs across Maya who looks at him as a monster in need of control. The 2 fight to a stand still, and ultimately Maya realizes they have the same purpose.

The 2 warriors go their separate ways, with Maya continuing on with her search, as Aganos continuing on with his. Ultimately, Aganos doesn’t catch up to his prey.

Shadow Jago has been destroying lives across the globe for some time now. From within him though, Jago musters the strength to regain his sense of self, and beats back the corruptive force within his body. In doing so, he expels the being known as ‘Omen’ from his body, while he himself slips into unconsciousness.

Jago awakens to find that he is alone. He take some time to recover from his ordeal, then sets out to find Orchid, his long lost sister.

Kan-ra encounters Omen, and is intrigued by this anomalous being

Sadira, after her defeat at the hands of Hisako, returns to her Assassin stronghold. Feeling betrayed by ARIA, she begins planning how to bring down UT. She is visited by Omen, and given a choice some time after…

Maya has tracked Kan-ra across the globe, only to be led back to the Night Guard temple where she started. Finding him in an secluded room deep in the compound, she is poised to confront him.

Here at the temple, Kan-ra creates a portal, and witnesses a power like he, has ever seen with in it. Maya tries to take advantage of the situation, and attacks.

Maya defeats Kan-ra, knocking him through his own portal in space.

Gazing through the hole, Maya is overcome with visions of a coming evil, and sets out to gather others to help her in her quest to save the earth from these coming horrors.

Kan-ra was defeated, but not dead. Having witnessed Omen’s power, and the power of the beings from beyond the veil at the edge of the universe where he finds himself now, Kan-ra sets his sights on finding a way to bend this new power to his own will.

Using his remaining energy, he conjures up a portal and returns to his temple back on Earth. To weak to maintain the portal, it closes behind him.

In order to reopen the portal, and thus gain his opportunity for a power never before seen on Earth, Kan-ra would need a great source of energy. He resolves himself to finding Aganos and stealing his life-force with his Syphon.

Aganos, still pursuing Kan-ra, and having defeated many UT foes along the way, runs across the sorcerer…who was looking for him!

The 2 ancient foes do battle once more, but this time the out come is different. With his Syphon, Kan-ra has become more powerful, and Aganos finds himself drained and incapacitated.

Ultratech is aware of Aganos’ battles while in the pursuit of the mad sorcerer, and finds that in his current weakened state that he is vulnerable. Cinder is dispatched, and finds Aganos’ drained body. In an effort to restore him, but turn him, Cinder outfits Aganos with tech from the Fulgore Program, with orders to hunt down the enemies of UT.

ARIA has been monitoring Kan-ra progress through out his mission. Her plan, which had been in motion for years now, is finally coming together, and so ARIA sets in motion events to wipe the board of all her enemies, as send a message to the ancient terror, Gargos.

ARIA sends out her enforcers to round up all her foes, and heard them to their stronghold.

Cinder, Riptor, and the corrupted Aganos are all given orders to attack the heroes TJ Combo, Black Orchid, Jago, and Maya, as well as tie off any loose ends…like Thunder and Sabrewulf.

The Final Stage is Set…

Thunder returns to Devil Landing where he is confronted by a UT controlled Aganos. Thunder senses the conflict in Aganos, just like he did with the Fulgore unit he faced in the KI tournament, and this sends him into a rage.

Thunder defeats the corrupted Aganos, and destroys the attached tech. Aganos and Thunder pair up, and set out to destroy UT together, as well as find Eagle, and Kan-ra.

TJ, Orchid, and Maya are all confronted by UT’s forces and realize they need to regroup. They all get in contact and meet up in south America at Maya’s Temple…ignorant of the fact that it will be the epicenter of the final conflict.

Riptor goes after Sabrewulf to presumably finish him off.

Cinder is sent out after Sadira to presumably finish her off.

Kan-ra returns to his temple where he is poised to use the fully charged Syphon to reopen the portal and free the astral beings with in.

The heroes arrive at the temple, and UT’s forces spring into action

Kan-ra is successful in opening the portal, but is caught by surprise at what he sees with in. Gargos, a being so old and powerful that even Kan-ra himself felt flooded with fear, was waiting with his minions.

Omen steps forth from the shadows to welcome his Lord and Master, Gargos.

ARIA steps from the shadows in Kan-ra’s lair where she steps up to face Omen, the Herald of Gargos.

This is pretty much where the story ends.

Aria’s ending suggests that Omen was defeated, thus setting the stage for Gargos himself to appear some time later, but that ending opens up some unanswered questions like what happened to Kan-ra, and what happened to the heroes. That being the case, I don’t want to speculate, so I’ll just leave it there.

If I missed anything, please let me know. I’m trying to be as accurate as I can.

Thanks for reading!


Its known that God first created the beasts. After behold the wilderness of those beasts (Gargos, Eyedol, etc) God threw them into the limbo, purgatory, bottomless pity. Aria know about this and she believe she can beat Gargos and somehow control him but she has no idea of what she’s dealing with. Also Sadira may had set Eyedol free too. Maybe there are more beasts much more powerful than Gargos itself waiting to get free from limbo. KI4 anyone?

This may be part of the Gargos and Eyedol backstory. Still just a theory though.


I envy your effort, I’ve wanted to do this for ages. This story has been one muddled cluster muck since day one.

I wish for it to be turned into a TV series!

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Isn’t there already a website which has done this?.. good job anyways

There is a timeline online created to put the events of KI in order that was put together soon after the rivals mode was released.


But as of the bios being released, it stands to be updated. In the meantime I wanted to do this.

As an example of what we know now that isn’t reflected in the timeline, we know that Thunder faced Fulgore in the 2nd KI tournament and lost, though from that fight he gleaned info about Eagle.

There are plenty other things too, that have honestly made me enjoy the story that much more. Maybe I to can make a timeline, better still, maybe I could just update the one that’s there myself.

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You forgot about Hisako who was in the Sengoku period. That includes Sadira’s story.

I’m trying to work out how it’ll become a TV series.




lets put it in picture form too so snap shops like a visual time line!

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I’ve got you. Hopefully I’ll be done today.

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Dont worry i know these things take ages!

cant wait!

let me know if u need any help!

Or an anime/animated or live-action web series for that matter :wink: :smile:

FYI: Just incase anyone is wondering, I put the timeline on hiatus since the Bios have been coming out and retconning so much. Once S3 drops, or all the bios have settled, I’ll get back to putting all the story events in order.