I'm confused on Jago and Orchid bios

I know that i’ve read some updates on here discussing more new info on the characters backgrounds but what don’t get is who Jago and Orchid were born from? I got that they’re father was likely an American soldier, i’ve heard that Jagos mom was from overseas but what was her nationality exactly? The same goes for Orchid, who was her mother? Sorry if this is the wrong place to discuss this topic. I’m new here and was just curious if anyone knew.

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Welcome to the chaos and confusion of the luke and leia of the video game industry

Where IG will dig it deeper into disorientation with even more ambiguity and vague intel.

Just imagine Orchid and Jago as you wish and move on like we’ve had to.
It’ll never be fully solved.

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Or maybe because they have a greater purpose in Season 3. I mean, the dude that is messing up Jago’s life is coming in S3.

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if you read Orchids story, you’d see that Jagos mother was Pakistani…

Or Indian, Nepalese, Burmese/Myanmese, Bhutanese, or Afghan

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As for Orchid’s mom, in turn, I heard that she was Filipina


only in the sense that two strong fighters in the same universe did NOT know they were brother and sister.
They only found out the next installment of the series.

Luke and Leia did not find out they were brother and sister until the next installment of the series.

does that make sense now?

You added the extra

Well it says that his dad rescued an aid worker from Pakistan, so we don’t know if she was Pakistani or not but it could be possible.

Where did it say that? I’m curious but from reading the story it sounds like it could considering it says Orchid learned to use baton sticks from her dad when he was in the Philippines but says nothing about where the moms from?

Are you talking about Gargos?