I'm a spiteful player

This thread is merely for confession’s sake. I’m always on here, praising justice and good sportsmanship but I fear I have given into the " darkness ." I was facing off against a good Sabrewulf player and he decided to finish me off with both a Double Ultra/Juggle, and repeated howling taunts. Oh, I got back at him, I did. Repeatitly, but for some reason my anger was not quelled. I wanted to see blood. So I got him back with Hisako and I did the same thing. I did a bad thing :frowning: I’m sorry.

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it’s fine the other player was a troll sounds like something i would do

welcome to a day in my life online. you see, what you did was justice


You’re okay OP. I am the same way when someone taunts or teabags me.

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Same deal here. Double ultra? You’re getting it back. Taunting will result in at least a full ultra. Even if someone does something like dash back and forth or jump around after a match win, I will mock their same behavior when I get them back. Part of what makes the game fun :slight_smile:

My way of getting back at a jerk player is learning their patterns and try to exploit them as much as possible. If I win, then that’s more than enough for me…even though I’ve yelled profanities at my tv screen more than I can count… :disappointed_relieved:

wrath and eye for an eye, my favorite in a fighting game. you taunt me,i taunt you more. you teabag me, if i read you, be ready to get teabagged right back and sometimes even mid match over your body while you suffer a hard knockdown. yeah, im vengeful lol. but if a player shows me respect, he will get it, sometimes ill even send a message giving the GG.

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Best part about it all was when I was just about to cancel the 2nd ultra early, the guy Rage quitted on me. Heh

I don’t know about anyone else but I love a good rage quit. Because you LITERALY beat the dude into submission because he couldn’t take it anymore. I love it!

This is so corny lol I’m dying

You must embrace your inner spirit and tame the darkness within. Let the light shine and be free from your shadow.

Om Mani Padme Hum…