IG you're doing it again

How can you put season 3 up for preorder when you haven’t even revealed colors and accessories for all launch characters? Where is the launch trailer? (I preordered season 2 right after I saw that amazing trailer) This season is 11 days from launch and we’re still getting hit with ‘‘stay tuned’’. I remember early in season 2 development, there was some negative feedback because IG was being too secretive and they came out and said they would be more transparent going forward, what happened?


If you’re not convinced Season 3 is worth your money, then don’t preorder it.


Everyone bitched and moaned about the quality of everything they showed off so they stopped being that transparent.


The devs said that they were going to post an update later today that’ll be all out the pre-order. And besides, S3’s official reliese isn’t until a few weeks from now (12 days!), so we might get a S3 trailer during that time. :smile:

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It’s upto MS not IG. They only develop the game. MS deals with everything else Inc. Pricing


People seem to always blame IG for stuff like this. It’s equivalent to blaming the builders for building a bad house, when it’s actually the architect’s fault for designing the house so badly. it’s pretty tedious.


Just for reference the trailer for season 2 came out on October 14th 2014 and season 2 launched with the combo breaker pack that came out on October 15th 2014.


Thank you Ziarist. I’m really tired of people saying S2 was this super well-planned and transparent release…S2’s launch specifics were absurdly hush-hush :unamused: People view it with unjustifiably rose-tinted glasses.

While I do think launch pricing and info and all that should be a lot less delayed and secretive than it is, S2 was hardly some paragon of how to do it right.

But if you don’t know what’s in the package TC, don’t buy it yet. I’ll almost certainly get an Ultra pack, but I’m not buying it until they tell me what I’m getting for my money. Soon as they fill in those blanks I’m preordering, but until then I’m not buying it just on principle.


Blame Microsoft for that, not Iron Galaxy.

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I’m sure it’s a mix of IG and MS. heck just today ruzzkei or whatever the community guys name is, said earlier today he’s making a post about it. I’m sure he made a phone call to MS asking what the context of that post will be.

SE3 has more changes to this game than it has ever seen. totally redone almost in some capacity. people want to know what’s going on and maybe they just don’t articulate themselves very well and come up with weak comparisons to SE2


Rukizzel is on the MS side. All marketing and promotion is done by Microsoft. IG is just the game development side of the things.



Here is a shocking revelation for you:

Microsoft is a very large company. Very large companies have lots of moving parts. It’s pretty obvious what happened here. The web team got in their inbox “list of things to do Friday” and posted the preorder page as they got to it. Someone else is in charge of posting the pricing info somewhere. Someone else is making a blog post. That’s still coming. All due Friday. Nothing is late. Yet.

Unless you have ever worked in a very large corporation (or the government) you can’t appreciate just how nearly impossible it is to pull everything off in the order you hope to.

word. I wonder if they fixed the release date on the store page as it read "3-20-16

This is all too familiar to me, the same thing happened to Gears of War Judgement


“The Way I Look At it
theres almost no incentive to get the pass early
especially without knowing what gamemodes theyre gonna release
so untill then ill wait for it it to drop to about 10 dollars”

this happened in 2013, so I guess history does repeat itself

They did show Rash and Kim wu’s colours + accessories on a live stream, they promised another one soon for Tusk & Arbiter; I THINK it was sunday.

Meh. I’m still pre-ordering Ultra. Benefits of the package work fine for me, and I’m gonna get more than my money’s worth of time spent playing the game anyway. Permanent double XP will help a lot in levelling up everyone I have left, KI gold for possible bonus colors. There is a feeling that’s something is missing in this deal somewhere, possibly because the entirety of the game hasn’t been revealed yet.

Come on no one reads?! It says in each article that it will be a weekly thing leading up to launch! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Calm down man. If u dont like it, dont buy it.

Just stay tuned for now.

So this makes Tusk’s retro reveals and colors set to Monday 28th? Am I correct here?